Small Home Gym 3 in 1 Trio Trainer

3 in 1 home gym exercise Equipment, 2 bikes, Elliptical

To help fight the anxiety I have you all know I added water color painting to my routine and just recently I purchased a piece of exercise equipment, the Trio Trainer, to add to my now small home gym/office/craft room.

One of my favorite things to do is ride my bike daily in the summer every evening for 5 miles.  I know how much better I feel when I do it so I decided to add a piece of equipment to our home.

3 in 1 home gym exercise Equipment, 2 bikes, Elliptical

When I used to work out at the gym my favorite equipment was the elliptical so my DIL found this piece that has everything I love all in one. It’s an elliptical trainer, recumbent exercise bike and an upright exercise bike and only takes up a small corner in my office.

3 in 1 home gym exercise Equipment, 2 bikes, Elliptical

I don’t know if you’ve looked for a trainer bike lately, but they all seem to be spin bikes on the market. That little seat is a big NO for me and it’s really not what I’m looking for. I want to ride a bike like an old lady, upright and all I have to do is hold on and pedal.

3 in 1 home gym exercise Equipment, 2 bikes, Elliptical

Now I can do both, ride a bike or use the elliptical, and sometimes I switch mid workout and do a little of both; which is fun. Any thing I can do to alleviate my anxiety is a win in my book. This model I purchased at Dunhams for $300, I felt that was a good price for what it does.

3 in 1 home gym exercise Equipment, 2 bikes, Elliptical

The only down fall is it took me 2 hours to assemble it. I had to laugh and say that in itself was a workout.  Did you happen to notice the BIG seat and backrest? Best features ever for this old gal. I place my ipad on the space provided and listen to a sermon while I workout. I think I’m going to enjoy this piece of equipment for the winter months until I can get back outdoors again.

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  1. Barbara Livdahl says:

    Great piece of equipment! I have an exercise bike that I put together myself which was a trick, uff da!

    1. Barbara, why do they have to be so difficult? It was such a pain it would certainly make me think before buying another piece.

  2. Carol Rowell says:

    And it even has a heart-shaped seat, perfect for this Valentines Day!

  3. If I bought exercise equipment, it would absolutely be an elliptical. If my indoor pool closes again for any reason, I’m going to research the one you bought. Agree about the heart-shaped broad seat, win-win! Enjoy your workouts, they are crucial for everyone’s mind as well as body and spirit.

    1. Lisa, by far the elliptical is my favorite workout but I can watch sermons on my ipad while I bike, so it’s the perfect piece for at home for me.

  4. Tiffani Scheel says:

    I have been looking for something small and versatile! Thank you so much for sharing!!

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