Smashed Strawberry Mystery Solved

Mystery solved….
I was wondering why I was getting smashed strawberries in the garden.  I would go to bed at night and know that tomorrow would be the day that the berries would be just right for picking.
 Mysteriously the next morning all those perfectly ripe strawberries were smashed.
I now know the culprit.  I caught our dog using the strawberry bed as a dog bed.
Good thing the strawberries are almost done, but now the…..
 Blueberries are almost ripe.

We’ve had such a crazy season around here and most everything is a month ahead of schedule.

I think the blueberries are dog safe.  

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  1. LOL- How can you get mad at that big baby? Maybe he was trying to save you from eating strawberry shortcake so was, ultimately, looking out for your health- xo Diana

  2. Oh, what a wonderful dog. I bet you love him regardless of where he hangs out. Too funny.

  3. I can so relate! I’m sure he loves the area even more because he sees you pay attention to it. He’s just making sure everything is in order for you. 🙂

    Have a great day.

  4. Oh no….I sure hope the blueberries are safe!!!!

  5. Dawn
    I can’t believe your fruits are first year-they look so healthy already!
    So the mysteries solved-that little stinker. He just didn’t know any better.

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