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Pixie Cut With Dyed Gray HairSo here I am looking normal, or as normal as I get, who want’s to be normal right? It’s one thing I’ve never ever been called! If you’ve been following along you know I’m on the teeth straightening journey. They’re not horribly crooked but with time and age my teeth seem to be moving ever so slightly over the years and I figured I’d never wore braces as a kid so I’d give the Smile Direct Invisible Liners a try. It’s so affordable, why not? Smile Direct Before and After Invisible Braces Computer Generated ResultsI tried doing the impression kit at home without success so I drove to an onsite location where they digitally scanned my teeth. Here’s what they came up with, after 32 weeks of wearing liners 22 hours a day my teeth should go from looking like the top photo to looking like the bottom photo. To me it’s not a whole lot of correction, but it’s also just enough that I think it actually doable in the 32 week time frame. I know not everyone is a candidate for doing it this way but I’m pretty confident it will be just enough correction for me. After it’s over I will have to wear a retainer while I sleep to keep my teeth from shifting back to their old positions. 

Smile Direct Bright On LED Accelerated Light Teeth Whitening SystemNow the reason I’m doing this post: While I was in the office they offered me a free whitening kit that plugs into my cell phone. I was pretty hesitant to take it; I’ve tried several whitening methods over the years everything from professionally having it done in a dentist office, to the over the counter strips only to get about 10 minutes into the procedure and get sharp shooting pains in my teeth so bad I have to stop. I have really white teeth anyway so it’s not that big of a deal but you know how it goes you see the commercials and think maybe I need whiter teeth too. 

Testing Smile Direct Teeth Whitening KitOut of curiosity I decided to try this crazy contraption. The kit comes with a small pen with a brush on the end, you twist the end of the pen releasing whitening gel onto the brush brush it on your teeth, then put the LED mouth form over it. Next you plug it into your cell phone, the spot where the charger goes, read your email or catch up on Twitter, leave it in for 10 minutes and your done. 

Wow this stuff is amazing……I had no pain what so ever, this is a first and believe it or not after one treatment I could tell a difference and that’s saying a lot. Even my dentist always comments on how white my natural teeth are. I’m in love with this product and will be using it when I need a little touch up down the road. To get a complete treatment it says to use for 4 days, twice a day for maximum whiteness. 

Funny little story since the first time using it at home I now use it while driving to work. I’m not sure what people think passing me on the road but I’m a multi tasker and love what I’m accomplishing while driving. I sure hope the police never pull me over while whitenning, how will I ever explain it, LOL? 

Smile Direct Teeth PhotoHere’s the crazy contraption they put in my mouth to take a before picture in the office. It’s this look attractive? My liners should arrive at the end of July so so stay tuned for updates on how the process is working for me. BTW it  you’re looking for a similar kit I’ve seen different brands on Amazon that use the LED light and gel whitener. 

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  1. Laura Harrie says:

    You have courage Dawn to show your pictures of the teeth adventures! Have fun and keep sending those pictures!

    1. Laura, believe me I’m way out of my comfort zone showing my scary pics, LOL.

  2. Hi. Are you wearing a gray wig in first pic? It’s pretty but second pic doesn’t show it that gray! I think I’ll try the white gel too!

    1. Nancy, no the gray in the first pic is my hair. In the second pic I have it pulled back and most of my dark roots are showing, but it’s all me, lol.

  3. cheryl Major says:

    Dawn, that is awsesome that you found something that works to brighten your teeth with no pain. I use a bleaching kit that I got from the dentist. It works awesome however I do have to be careful as to not bleach my gums. Glad the liners are working for you…..can’t wait to see the results.

    1. Cheryl, I’ve tried on the one from the dentist and it’s so painful, if you ever want to try something new do the gel with the LED light it’s so fast and easy.

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