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Spray Painted Dining Room Chairs

Spray Painted Dining Room Chairs In AlmondAnother paint project finished, the dining room chairs have a solid paint color in “Almond”. They had the distressed look before (you can see that here). I’m over the chippy, rugged paint look and am enjoying the clean feel the solid paint color gives. 

Spray Painted Dining Room Chairs In Almond

All that’s left to do is paint the yellow cabinet in a dark walnut color. I’m just waiting for someone to be home long enough to help me drag it outside. I hate to unload stuff from it and have everything cluttering up the dining room table for days before I paint. I like to unload it, paint it, and get it back in the house with things put away. It stresses me out seeing things out of place for long. 

Spray Painted Dining Room Chairs In Almond

I’m assuming the spray paint will hold up well on the chairs because the finish under it was chalk paint and we also never use the dining room, we eat our meals at the kitchen island. If I could I would turn the dining room into something else but nothing seems right in that spot so it will remain an unused dining room. 

Spray Painted Dining Room Chairs In Almond

I get asked often where the dining table and chairs are from so here’s the answer:  A local school that had an auction, It was once a library table. I had a soccer game to coach that day so hubby stayed at the auction for me just to place a bid.

I was so excited when he came home with it, it’s made from nice sturdy oak and weighs a ton, you know back in the day when furniture was made to last? He picked up the table and 8 chairs for $200, I did have to scrape a little gum from the underside but what a bargain and it’s the only piece of furniture we own that I’ve never got tired of. 


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    1. Jane I’ve had several opportunities to sell that table everyone wants it once they see it, but I’m thinking it’s a piece I’ll keep forever 🙂

  1. Kathleen G says:

    So true about older furniture. I have an old maple bedroom set, old fashioned, but solid. I can see why everyone would like to have the library table, me too:)
    Looking forward to seeing the cabinet painted, Kathleen in Az

    1. Kathleen if you can find old pieces I say grab them, many are outdated looking but very solid. Who knows they may come back in style soon or you can always call them antiques, vintage, or retro. LOL

  2. The chairs came out great – the whole dining room looks beautiful! I love your little vignette on top of that wonderful table – as always, it looks like a page from a magazine.

    1. Thank you Susan I did get the yellow cabinet painted last night so all I have left to paint is the kitchen island and I’m still trying to decided if I want a color change there.

  3. I love the new look and paint color for your dining chairs…what a beautiful set! I bet your table comes in handy for many projects and although you don’t use it for dining now, you may in the future. I also can’t stand for things to be out of place for too long.

    1. Jen I painted the cabinet one evening and had to wait for the next morning for hubby to help me carry it in. The contents of the cabinet sat out all night long. I’m glad I was sleeping or I would’ve hated looking at it cluttering up the table.

    1. Kris the gum was worth the price that’s for sure, LOL. How are you liking Florida living?

    1. Shirley I think every library around had those chairs becasue they’re sturdy and you can’t hurt them.

  4. Rondell Konat says:

    Love the chairs and I just finished spraypainting all of mine thank goodness! I would keep it the table too, it is beautiful!

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