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Spring Apple Blossom Wreath | DIY No Glue Required


DIY Spring Apple Blossom Wreath, No Glue Gun Required. Can Be Assembled In Under 10 MinutesJust when I thought Michigan was getting an early Spring we were hit with another blizzard. After 3 days in a row of warmer temps and sunshine Mother Nature pulled a fast one, like she always does, and dumped more heavy wet snow in the mitten state. I must say it was the most beautiful snowfall we’ve had all winter long, with softball size snowflakes. They were huge, puffy, white flakes swirling around the cabin in quite a magical way. I’ve been a Michigander my whole life and I’ve never seen flakes like these. 

How to make an easy Spring Apple Blossom wreath from anywhere in your home. No tools required, no glue gun required and can be make in less than 10 minutes. Great for getting that farmhouse look.The weather aside I was still ready to bring a little Spring into the place without purchasing something new. I knew I wanted to make a wreath so my wheels started turning, that’s scary right there, and remembered a boxwood wreath I’d never used in my stash and a strand of apple blossom garland hanging around somewhere in the basement. So the hunt began, and sure enough the things I needed  were right where I’d put them so I snatched them up and started putting my game plan together. 

DIY Apple Blossom Wreath with Black and White Gingham Ribbon. No Tools, no Glue Gun Required Project. Can be Assembled in Under 10 Minutes. Farmhouse Look.I really hated to get out the hot glue gun to attach the garland to the boxwood wreath, I knew it would be a permeant things if I did that so I went with plan “B”…..pipe cleaners. It was so easy to assemble I placed the boxwood wreath right side up on the table, wound the garland into a circle on top of the wreath, flipped it over, and attached it all together with pipe cleaners.  Now I can take it apart and reuse everything when I’m ready for something new. 

How to Make a Spring Apple Blossom WreathSince the wreath was made to hang on our pantry door I went with black and white gingham ribbon to hang it from. Wreaths just don’t work out well on our entrance doors, on the outside that is, it’s always so windy where we’re at. The wreaths either get wind whipped or blow off the door completely, so using this one inside was a much better choice. 

How to make an easy Spring Apple Blossom wreath from anywhere in your home. No tools required, no glue gun required and can be make in less than 10 minutes. Great for getting that farmhouse look.The next thing on my Spring to do list is plan my cut flower garden and also find a way to add a few cinderella pumpkin plants to the area. I’m not interested in creating a new space for them, so I’m trying to figure out what I can plant with what and make it all work. What’s on your Spring list of things to do? 

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  1. My list is long and you don’t want to hear it all. Some of it involves painting and recovering the seats of all 6 of my dining chairs. I have an all “brown” dining set and am anxious to have a new look by painting the chairs and maybe the table legs and apron also. I’m getting new countertops this Spring and have a backsplash to decide upon. I got derailed this winter by colds, flu and sinus difficulties, so my Spring will be busy, including a garage sale for the things I have “downsized” out of my life. My drawers, closets and spare rooms have never looked better, so I guess I have accomplished something in what has seemed to be a very long and gloomy Indiana winter. Am waiting for consistently warm weather …..

    1. Pat, Lucky you with new countertops (what will those be?) A garage sale is a lot of work, but the extra money will be fun to spend. I’m over our winter weather too. I love the season but I’m ready for spring.

      1. Unfortunately, my new countertops will be upgraded to a much better grade of laminate, which can and will be a wonderful change. I live in a small builder-grade ranch house in a subdivision, so while granite or concrete or other natural stone would be my first choice, for resale purposes, it would not be smart to fill my house with high-end finishes – expense that I would never recover . This is not a “heritage” home to pass down to my children as they all have large and much nicer homes, but it has been my home for 22 years, I’m comfortable here and both myself and the house are ready for a refresh.

        1. Pat have you seen the laminate that looks just like concrete (I know Home Depot has it)? I think the laminate choices are beautiful they’ve come a long way. I agree you can’t dump money into a house if the area can’t support it. I bet the new countertops will be lovely and you’ll be so happy with the change:)

  2. Kathleen G says:

    A pretty Spring wreath and even better, free! My mom gave me a grapevine wreath and I bought two inexpensive Fall garlands and wrapped them around the wreath, I love it:). I love your ribbon too.
    Kathleen in Az

    1. Kathleen I’m so happy when I can make something without spending any money. Sometimes I feel like the same stuff gets shared year after year but I’m not about having to buy new and store it all when I can just recreate what I have into a new look.

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