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Spring Blooms To Be On The Lookout For

Is anyone else anxiously awaiting those colorful delicate spring blooms pushing up through the soil? After a long winter I must confess I’m looking forward to putting the dark days of winter away and seeing signs of Spring emerge from the soil. These are the early spring blooms in my neck of the woods that’s I’m watching for: 

Spring Tulip Blooms

Tulips: A bulb that is planted in late fall and will produce a colorful show in spring. Colors range from white, yellows, pinks, purples, reds, oranges, and even black. Tulips make for a showy boarder in any landscape design.

Spring Daffodils

Daffodils: Another bulb that’s planted in late fall. They’re easy to spot by their trumpet/star shaped flower. Daffodils is the flower of friendship and make me happy to look at. They come in versions of white, cream, yellow and orange. 

Spring Pansies

Pansies: These brightly colored flowers with heart shaped leaves. They withstand the cold and can tolerate light snow. If you’re looking for an early spring flower to plant in containers this is it. Pansies come in a big variety of bright candy colors ranging from yellows, pinks, purples, oranges and everything in between.

Spring Hyacinths

Hyacinths: Also a bulb that’s planted in fall. The tight tiny star like blooms remind me of lilacs. They have a very pungent perfume scent that carry’s through the air and can be smelled throughout the garden. They come in the most glorious Easter egg colors: whites, pinks and lavender.

Spring Crocus

Crocus: These are generally the first bulbs blooms to poke through the soils surface in spring. They look best when the bulbs are planted in clusters to give off a big impact all in one area. Single blooms tend to get lost in the landscape. They are low growing to the ground and come in bright yellow, orange, and purples. With purple being my favorite.

Spring come quickly, this girl is ready to dig in the soil and see nature brought back to life 🙂

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  1. Dawn, things are poking through the ground here in southwest Michigan! I’ve already got the rabbit repellant out! 😁

    1. Linda, Wow I hadnt thought about the rabbits getting into everything. I fence in my garden to keep the critters out. What do you use to keep rabbits away?

      1. This year I bought something called Repels-All. Supposed to keep everything out including groundhogs. It doesn’t harm them, just irritates their noses! Hope it works!

        1. Linda, I’ll look for it thanks! I use Irish Spring soap and that works phenomenal too.

  2. Beautiful! Can’t wait for my flowers to peek through

    1. Jeanie, Me either I’m anxious to see things green up, the dead winter is getting depressing.

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