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Spring Coffee Table

Spring Flowers

The weather’s not quite warm enough yet to change my slipcovered furniture over to white, so to tide me over for a while and make it feel like spring I added a few faux Spring blooms to the coffee table. They look pretty and it make it feel like Spring even though there is still snow on the ground outside.


Faux Spring Blooms

I’m normally not a fan of faux, but a girl has to do what a girl has to do sometimes. There’s no forsythia branches or apple blossoms around this time of the year so faux it is. Plus it’s nice to just stuff them back into a tote at the end of the season and reuse them again next year. I only have about 4 faux arrangements, and I do use them with the season change. It makes for a quick and easy change in the decor.


Spring Flowers on the Coffee Table

It works for now, until the real things are blooming. It felt good to do a little spring cleaning, rearrange the furniture, and pack away some of the winter decor. Don’t forget to stop by all the links below, there are 10 amazingly talented bloggers in all showing off there “Spring Inspiration” and I know you won’t want to miss a single post.


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  1. Your Spring arrangement looks very Welcoming & Warm!
    I too resorted to faux because like you I’m still seeing the “new” ugly white stuff on the ground although with pops of green, so very encouraging it is!
    Wind & 29, but the sun is out, birds are nesting so bring it on!

    1. Jan, thank you for stopping in. We are experiencing the same type of weather and still have piles of snow on the ground. It’s supposed to warm up some this weekend so maybe spring is finally sneaking in.

  2. Dawn,
    Your Spring arrangement looks so pretty. Love it on your coffee table. I hope we will see flowers soon. Had some snow again last night but with the sun out it is melting! The birds are still singing so I guess that is a good sign. Love all the spring inspiration.

    1. Kris, same weather here. We still have snow, but I think it may warm up some this weekend.

  3. Pretty vignette and I have no problem with faux.

    1. Thank you Kim, I know not everyone likes them but they work in some instances.

  4. I love your Spring tablescape! I think we are ALL so ready for Spring and I cannot wait to have some fun like this with flowers and my Spring decor ASAP. As always, another awesome series. Pinned! xo

    1. Claire, we had snow again 🙁 I sure hope spring doesn’t pass us by this year.

    1. Thank you Shirley, I love the bucket more than the flowers. LOL

  5. Dawn, your arrangement is so pretty in your pail and I would have never guessed that the flowers were faux if you hadn’t told us! Every time I see your coffee table I just smile because I love it so! And did you make your green doily? I have a lot of doilies that my MIL gave me and after seeing yours, I was thinking that they’d be really pretty dyed different colors! Pinning!

    1. Jane, the doily was a gift from a fellow blogger. I don’t know how to make them 🙂

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