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Spring Farmhouse Table Using Green, Black & White


Spring Decor Pieces Using Black, White, and Pops of Green. Farmhouse Style. Log Home Living.

Out of pure boredom that I just couldn’t take any longer I decided to get off my behind one evening and take the decor off the island, give it a good dusting, and put things away. Instead of that happening…..I reused it all in a different area. The more I got working the lazier I got, I didn’t want to drag out the step stool to put things away so I decided to redecorate the dining room table using all the same piece but give it a different look. You can see how it was used before here.

Spring Table Setting Using Black, White, and Green. Galvanized Chargers, White Distressed Dinnerware, Green Salad Plate and Buffalo Check Napkin

I’m beginning to think winter will never end here in the north, we’re still getting snow if you can believe that. It’s been such a pretty snow too, big fluffy flakes with day’s of white out conditions. Now I love to see this in December but right now I’m anxious for Spring to arrive so I can get outside and do a few things.

Open Farmhouse Shelves

The pumpkin seeds I planted inside will have pumpkins on the vine soon if this keeps up. I’m so needing a few warmer days with the sun shining. I want to do a little digging in the dirt, get my galvanized buckets out of storage and decide what to plant in them this year, and just be one with nature for a while.

Spring Farmhouse Table Setting With Black, White, and Green.

I can only do so many things while stuck in the house, it’s clean, the laundry is done, meals are prepared and I’m not a big fan of tv watching. So instead of dozing off in a chair I decided to do a little rearranging in the dining room. I kept with my theme of black and white with a pop of green and added a little black to the the open farmhouse shelves.

Open Farmhouse Shelves

If this weather doesn’t break soon, y’all are going to get pretty tired of seeing things on the inside of the cabin. I even called Home Depot to ask about the $5 ferns they normally have every year in their Easter ad, only to find out they’ve delayed their plants from being delivered due to the weather conditions. I was afraid I’d missed it, even though I’d been checking the ad every week. The ferns are a big part of my outdoor decorating every years. I love how much space they take up, how easy they are to care for and by spending $50 I get a lot of bang for the buck.

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  1. That looks so pretty! My dining area is pretty skewed toward blue and white but I have done my hutch with black and white plates before and I think I’m going to see if I can bring some green in, too. That’s interesting about your ferns. I was looking for five dollar ferns on Saturday and our Lowe’s has their full shipment in already. We got (and will continue to get) some very cold weather at night so I may have to get mine at Home Depot this year. Lowe’s also had marigolds and snapdragon flats! Our last frost day is officially May 15 but I always push it a little without any problems. This year we may have to comply in the MidAtlantic!

    1. Nancy, When I pick up the ferns they have to stay inside for a while because of the weather but I just can’t pass up that price. We normally have flowers in stock around here already but this year’s weather has delayed shipment. Michigan says we can get frost up until the first of June and many years we do.

  2. Shelly Barley says:

    Love your “rearrangement”. I find myself doing the same thing (even though I have plenty of ‘more important’ things I should be doing). Yes, winter has been long (I’m in PA) – I’m ready for sunny days and warm temperatures – not HOT, just comfortable.

    Do you mind my asking where you got the beautiful, airy white and green faux branches that are tucked into that gorgeous jar? They are so whispy and fun looking and add just the right touch.

    Thank you for sharing and enjoy the rest of your week!

    1. Shelly, Im with you I don’t want hot temps but 75 with a nice breeze would be perfect. The branches are from Hobby Lobby, I have no idea what they are but I see them in there all the time so I know it’s not a seasonal branch.

  3. Nice, cheery look, Dawn. , , and bless the snow . . . here in front range Colorado, we’ve had only a few inches all winter, which is a Big concern for our water supply the coming year. Despite that, I’m delighted that the flowers, trees, and bushes are blooming, and the grass is green already. Jan

    1. Jan, thank you 🙂 Michigan is calling for very little rain this summer again, which is nice for not having to mow the lawn and no mosquitos but it means watering the landscaping more.

  4. Cheryl Major says:

    I love your table decor. Your open shelves look wonderful….I really wish I had some…but with round log walls , it makes it very dificullt. We are looking forward to spring as well. We are still getting snow here in Northern Ontario, Canada as well …the forcast is calling for the next 10 days of snow. Here’s hoping you get spring soon .

    1. Cheryl it’s still snowing here too and freezing rain I don’t think spring is ever coming this year.

  5. Lol Dawn!! Looks good too! It’s supposed to be warmer today but we were getting snow just a couple of minutes ago. I am so excited for warm temperatures to come, but having those warm days here and there this winter made it so much more bearable.
    I rearranged both my family room and my living room over the last week. I’m so happy with the results and wonder how I didn’t think of either of these layouts before.

    1. Jen, We had two nice days here now it’s back to snowing. I’m not sure we’re going to have a spring this year :(. I’ve done that before too, wonder why it took me so long to come up with a new furniture layout, but when it happens it’s a light bulb moment, lol.

  6. Love the new look. What’s the source for your black (blue) & white mugs?

    Great job!

    1. Paul they are black and white soup mugs that come with lids and I found them at Walmart.

  7. 52 today in Jackson and some sunshine!! Love your table…it looks very nice!!

    1. Jeanie my hubby was on the golf course that day and said it was hot out. LOL only Michiganders think 50’s are warm.

  8. Kathleen G says:

    First 100 temp yesterday but milder weather the next several days. Love your table setting and shelves. I hope spring comes your way for your ferns and pumpkins, Kathleen in Az

    1. Kathleen I can’t believe those temps, we had an ice storm here yesterday and it’s snowing today. Your weather sounds so nice.

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