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Spring Floral Bouquet With Grocery Store Flowers

I picked up a bunch of fresh cut flowers to add a little spring to the cabin with this floral bouquet from the grocery store!

Simple Spring Floral Bouquet

I stopped by the grocery store this week to pick up a few things I needed to finish off the turkey dinner with all the fixings’ I was making and spotted the bucket of $3 flower bunches they keep at the end of an unused cash register.

Simple Spring Floral Bouquet

I had everything I needed in my cart and decided to sift through the arrangements to see if anything caught my eye. Just as I was about to give up I noticed this batch of what looked to me like leftover flowers.

Simple Spring Floral Bouquet

Anything that didn’t fit into the other neatly arranged, color coordinated bunches seemed to have been bundled together to make up this colorful bouquet.  By far this was the most enticing bunch to me so of course for $3 I decided to treat myself.

Simple Spring Floral Bouquet

I have no idea what that green fluffy flower is that looks like a soft bunch of grass or moss. I also don’t know how to word it to Google it so maybe one of you know what it’s called, if it’s truly a flower, or is it some type of greenery? What ever it is makes me happy just to look at it.

Simple Spring Floral Bouquet

By the way, are you finding stores in your area to be a mad house because of the virus scare? Are you one of those people who’ve stocked up on TP? My DIL decided to check Amazon for TP prices and got a good laugh out of the extraordinary prices they seemed to be charging. How do you feel about it all?

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    1. Margaret, yes that is one of them, but the one I can’t find is the puffy one that looks like moss or short grass.

    1. Carol, they sure are. Now if spring would actually make an appearance I’d be happy!

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