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4 Things You’ll Need To Create A Spring Floral Arrangement

 Spring Flower Arrangement, Vintage Green Glass Jars, Farmhouse Style, Vintage Measuring Cup Today’s our once a month “Cozy Series” hosted by Jennifer @ Town-n-CountryLiving. It looks like we’re all in the same frame of mind this month and craving spring flowers. After reading this post just scroll to the bottom and click on the thumbnails to be taken to the other fabulous bloggers posts. I know you won’t want to miss seeing their talent. Around the cabin we’re still experiencing winter in the most brutal way. There’s been everything from thunderstorms, rain, freezing rain, snow, blustery temperatures, and heavy winds. I just couldn’t take it any longer I packed away all signs of winter in the house and brought a little life into the space with flowers. Spring Flowers


I don’t have many choices for flowers in my neck of the woods, pretty much the only thing available is grocery store flowers so that’s what I went with. My thing is to always match my flower colors to the décor in the house and then add one contrasting color for the POP factor. Does anyone else do that? More often than not I always add white to my arrangements it seems to look the best against all the wood we have in the cabin. Spring Flowers


For me I’m always drawn to the same type of flower too, but I stress to you get outside of your box and pick something that’s not the norm for you. Flowers with lots of texture give so much interest to an arrangement and I think you’ll be happy with trying something new. I like to go with a large bloom and 3 always seems to be the magical number that works the best and then I build from there with a totally different textured and sized flower for my color pop. In this case it’s the bright pink flowers. Spring Flower Arrangement, Vintage Green Glass Jars, Farmhouse Style, Vintage Measuring Cup


Greenery is your best friend; it will fill in space, add visual interest and texture, and make the arrangement feel alive. Nothing screams spring like greenery; green grass, tree leaves, and croaking frogs. Green is life! Spring Flowers


If you’re quirky like me now’s the time to grab something different to use as the vase. I hadn’t had the opportunity to make uses of this huge 4-cup enamelware-measuring cup yet so I decided to make it my vase. Hubby and I’d picked it up on our last vintage treasure hunt. It did manage a run through the dishwasher but I’d yet to find a use for it. Using it as a vase was the perfect fit. Spring Flower Arrangement, Vintage Green Glass Jars, Farmhouse Style, Vintage Measuring Cup For those of you who said my font color make the blog hard to read I did change it to black and I hope that works better for you, so let me know please. Don’t forget to check out all the links below too and things Spring!
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  1. Oh my goodness, those jars are amazing! Everything about this has me dreaming of Spring!

    1. Kristi those jars were a fantastic score only 70 cents each on clearance!

  2. Oooooh, these flowers are so beautiful. LOVE the mix of colors and your pale aqua bottles. So cheerful.

    1. Danielle, now if spring would only come to my neck of the woods. We seem to just have one snow storm after another around here.

    1. Aw thanks Jennifer nothings makes a home feel more alive like flowers. I need to purchase them more often.

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