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Spring Kitchen Tour 2020


Spring Kitchen Tour 2020

Inside it looks like spring but outside it’s been a mix of snow, sleet, dark days, sunshine, and wind this week. The kitchen and dining rooms look is centered around the colors, blue, green, and yellow just like the living room.

Spring Kitchen Tour 2020
Spring Kitchen Tour 2020

The only thing new is the daffodil and I didn’t spend anything on them they are growing at our guesthouse. I’ve decided once the blooms fade I’ll dig them up and move them to the cabin. This is the year I’m starting to do a little rustic landscaping around the chicken coop. I bet I’ll just get it the way I like it and we’ll find the perfect new house to move too.

Spring Home Tour, Log Home, Log Cabin, Farmhouse Style, Blue Green Yellow Decor, Cozy Living
Spring Kitchen Tour 2020

For those of you who grow daffodils have you ever noticed the dark yellow on yellow once their cut last longer than the light yellow dark yellow combo or the white and orange-yellow combination? Why do you think that is?

Spring Kitchen Tour 2020
Spring Kitchen Tour 2020

I really enjoy sharing our cabin with all of you and what I like best is I show you just how it is on an every day basis. I haven’t added anything fancy; fresh flowers, a grain sack runner, and swapping out the bowl in the middle of the island is the only changes I made. I believe my wood floors are even in need of a good moping and my battery chargers are still in the outlets. Nothing fancy for me.

Spring Kitchen Tour 2020
Spring Kitchen Tour 2020

Don’t get me wrong I swoon over all those beautiful staged blogs but mine surely isn’t like that. Just yesterday I snatched the rug out from under the dining room table and moved it to the front porch and I can’t wait to give that yellowy oak table a coat of paint. When you live in a log home the only way I get color is with paint and fabric.

Spring Kitchen Tour 2020
Spring Kitchen Tour 2020

I sure wish our state would open back up; I’m itching to stroll through the garden center and take in all the beautiful flowers and plants. Our governor has banned buying garden items. I also buy Boston Ferns and potted herbs. I try and limit the annuals, they’re so expensive and I just can’t justify buying hundreds of dollars of them. I’ll sew cosmos and zinnias from seed for a little color. Do you have a favorite annual you start every year from seed?  

Spring Kitchen Tour 2020

TO MY REGULAR READERS: ANYTHING YOU SEE IN THE GREEN BOXES WILL BE MY DAILY UPDATE DURING THE VIRUS! Please leave a comment and fill me in on what you’re doing. God Bless you all!

Wednesday April 15: Woke up to snow and it was sticking to the ground. I decided it was a good day to edit photos and crank out a few blog posts. I’ve pretty much sat at the computer all day.

I did make some laundry scent booster, a small painting project, and made a stir fry for dinner but other than that it was a pretty quiet day around here.

I started the meat chickens on their adult food today. I’ll have to move the laying hens to a new area here soon, their feathers are starting to come in and they are able to fly over their box here before I know it.

What’s everyone been making for dinner? I need some new ideas. Tonight I made up a couple pounds of ground beef and my family can make nachos, tacos, taco salad or something similar out of.

Friday April 17: Another pretty boring day around here. Woke up to snow flurries again. It was a heavy thick snow that clung to the trees and was just beautiful but I’m over it and ready for spring.

I did watch a few shows on Netflix and vacuumed the house but other than that this dark, dreary weather left me with zero ambition. It’s supposed to be in the 50’s tomorrow so I’m looking forward to getting outside again.

Saturday April 18: It looks like it’s going to be a great day; the sun is shining and I’m motivated to get things done around here.

I have 3 loads of laundry on the line, my DIL and I cleaned the meet chicken coop and moved the hens out of their tote and into the big girl coop, and made scalloped potatoes and ham for dinner. I’ve also convinced hubby to take me out for ice-cream for dessert. Win win day!

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  1. Don’t let the gloomy weather sap your soul! Hope your forthcoming Spring outdoor activities restore your energy.

    I just LOVE the wooden measuring cups set—-do you have a source? I’d love to own a set.

    Stay happy!

  2. Cheryl Major says:

    Hello Dawn, Yeah I hear you on the lack of ambition. We have had snow everyday for 10 days. We get a inch and then it melts, but everyday it snows and melts. Our province has been in lockdown also. Grocery store only..1 person per family is allowed to shop. funny thing….now that my husband finally has the time on weekends to fix and replace worn out items, we can not get them. we have had to order everything online, and hope the hardware store etc has it and then we pick it up curbside in a couple days. Most items are taking weeks to be shipped. UUGGHH ! Dinners are about the only thing that everyone looks forward to 🙂 . I am very greatfull that we live in the bush on a lake in our log cabin, We can at least move freely outside on our property and enjoy the view.

    1. Cheryl, Same here at least the snow is melting but still I’m tire of it and ready to get on with spring. Same here, I want to do some painting projects but couldn’t buy paint. I did order from our local hardware and that was permissible. I get a kick out of everyones daily talk is dinner and do you still have toilet paper (who would have thought)? Same here I go outside whenever I like with no neighbors reporting me to the virus police. LOL Heres to fingers crossed that spring is near my friend.

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