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Spring Porch Steps


Spring Porch Step, Log Home, Galvanized Bucket, Wooden Bucket, Ferns, Flowers, Herbs, Vegetables

I’m stepping out and testing Mother Nature right now by planting a few things in containers. Michigan weather’s still unpredictable until about June 1st but I’m itching to do a little gardening. So I decided to start planting the containers that I line the porch steps with. If frost is in the forecast I can always move them. 

Just look at that adorable rustic wooden bucket hubby found for me. It was excavated on a job site and he knows it was right up my alley so into the back of the truck it went and ended up on our steps along with a few other things I’ll be back to show you later.

Spring Porch Step, Log Home, Galvanized Bucket, Wooden Bucket, Ferns, Flowers, Herbs, Vegetables

I figured I’d better plant cool weather crops for now in the containers so lettuce, and a few herbs it is. If you remember in a past post I told you I was going to limit myself to buying annuals this year and decorate with edibles. I was so proud only 6 pots of flowers came home with me this year, and all in white. You can see a few of those mixed in with my parsley in the lower bucket.

Spring Porch Step, Log Home, Galvanized Bucket, Wooden Bucket, Ferns, Flowers, Herbs, Vegetables

Of course a porch wouldn’t be complete without Boston Ferns. They are the simplest plant to maintain in my opinion and fill a large space. I just water them every once in a while and that’s it. Those little buggers just keep on keepin’ all season long. Frost is the only thing that finally gets them. Anyone else a fern lover like me?

Spring Porch Step, Log Home, Galvanized Bucket, Wooden Bucket, Ferns, Flowers, Herbs, Vegetables

I’m not sure if you’ve noticed or not but I’ve been keeping my photos more real. Normally I’d have taken the boom, and plant stakes hanging out of the little bucket on the wall before photographing. But I’m trying to not do that as much so you can see the real me, and how it looks most of the time around the cabin. Don’t get me wrong I like a tidy place but sometimes things just need to be out if I use them everyday. Tell me do you like seeing those little things in the photos or do you like a cleaned up version better?

Spring Porch Step, Log Home, Galvanized Bucket, Wooden Bucket, Ferns, Flowers, Herbs, Vegetables

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  1. Love your summer porch. I love how your keeping it real. I think your place always looks fantastic. Love your blog and look forward to every post.

    1. Judy I’m so glad to hear you don’t mind my photos showing a little “junk” in the background. It sure makes taking pictures easier, and we all know not everyone lives in a home that looks like a magazine spread 24/7.

  2. I love the little extras in your pictures. We all have them and it just makes it homey! Fern lover here too! Love that wood bucket! Good job Dawn’s hubby😊

  3. I love the containers you used for all of your plants. I’m doing more containers around the garden this year.

    I didn’t even notice the little things in the pic until you mentioned them. Which tells me you should just snap pics of things as they really are.

    1. Carol, I live in farm country and beat up old galvanized buckets are a dime a dozen around me. It’s fashionable to plant in them now, but back in the day when I acquired them all it sure wasn’t.

  4. None of us live in a perfect world so show your brooms or whatever as it does not matter to me at all. I was thrilled to get 3 beautiful hanging baskets for Mother’s day so I won’t be buying too many flowers this year. Your plants look great!!

    1. Jeanie what wonderful Mother’s day gifts. What kind of flowers are in the baskets?

  5. I believe in reality. In fact, I’ve stopped following several blogs just because they are too “Pinterest Perfect” for my taste and they all start to look alike. I always enjoy your real home photos – they are a breath of fresh air.

    1. Pat I noticed my IG feed that I follow all seems to look alike these days. I’ve actually been looking for more homestead like feeds to follow. I always love their natural photos.

  6. I agree that keeping it real works! The brooms and stakes looked like they belonged and add interest. Your ferns are a favorite of mine, and I have managed to bring them in for the winter and reuse the following summer. I also have had some luck with getting amaryllis to rebloom. After they bloom and die back I put them in the basement where its cold, on a shelf and ignore them until May, when little green shoots appear. Then they get watered, and later put outside after the possibility of frost is gone. I’m in Massachusetts in a zone 4/5 area. They all grow nice big leaves, and some will re flower. They look great on the patio, AND COST ME NOTHING1

    1. Lisa, I’d love tho keep my ferns over the winter but have never tried. Do yours get messy in the house? My green thumb for indoor plants seems to turn brown 🙁 so maybe it’s not for me, lol.

      1. Dawn, Some years do better than others, but except for some dead leaves to sweep up, they are pretty care free. I do keep them where I won’t forget to water them. I actually bring in the outdoor plant stand to put them on. Most of my plants have to survive on benign neglect!

  7. Dawn,
    Do you plant right in the galvanized bucket and drill holes in the bottom, or do you put the plant already planted in another pot, in the bucket?

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