Spring Table Centerpiece

I changed up the centerpiece on our dining table with a simple look….
Old soda bottles and a vintage grain sack runner.
I think it would also look good with a single wild flower bloom in each bottle.
It was a fast and easy.  Something different for a change.


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  1. Fast easy different makes it all the more cute!


  2. I love it. I love a single flower in a tall skinny vase like that!

  3. The vintage bottles are cute (and I love root beer!) Your chairs look great with your table too. Wishing you a great weekend. I will be busy painting. We found a desk on the curb around the corner (this is our town’s first big garbage pick up after a long winter and people tend to put out stuff neatly so others can have first dibs and save the landfills.) I am finishing up a little desk I bought for our guest room, and the curb find is getting a few coats of black to freshen it.

  4. Fast and easy and pretty cool! I love your bottles. I still think those chairs are one of the best projects you have accomplished. Love them…have a really good weekend!

  5. Love how you used the bottles. Definitely think they would look great with a flower in them!

  6. Love the sweet simplicity of it! Happy St. Paddy’s Day to you-xo Diana

  7. I love the grain sack! Didi you get your old soda bottles from the antique shops on one of your mini vacations?

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