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Spring Home Tour, Log Home Using Blues Greens and a Pop of YellowI’ve made a few early Spring changes to our home by incorporating new colors. I needed something new to wash away the memories of Winter and the easiest way to do it is by changing the throw pillow colors. 

Spring Tour of a Log Home Using Slipcovered Furniture Green's Blue's and Pops of YellowThe first color that comes to mind when I think of Spring is green, it’s fresh and new and means life. I love to see all the fresh green grass, the flowers pushing up out of the ground, and trees starting to leaf out. 

Green LanternI dug into my home decor stash and looked for anything green and then took the rest of my inspiration colors from the pillow cover that has green, blues, and turquoise in it. Back to the stash to dig up anything in those colors to add to the mix. Once I rounded them all up I decided I needed a color that would pop. 

Pillow Fabric From Country CurtainAnd no matter how many times I try and rid my place of the yellow it seems to creep back every time. So my pop color that I’m using is yellow. I’m still loving the neutral slipcover, it makes it so much easier to decorate now that I’m no longer changing them. 

Pillow Fabrics in Green, Gray, Blue and YellowI actually donated them all to our local Hospice store. I decided they were taking up to much room, and I’m sticking t0 the neutral colors so it was time to let them go. I also like that it freed up a lot of room in my home decor closet. 

Side Bar Decorate For Spring Using Yellow, Green, Blue, and Natural ElementsThe only thing I purchased new is the blue pillow behind the bunny pillow while my bestie and I were at IKEA. I swapped the lamps from our bedroom with the ones in the living room so now we have the blue downstairs and the white in the master. 

Spring Home Tour, Log Home Using Blues Greens and a Pop of YellowBoxwood, Pineapple, and Bird TablescapeIt’s such an easy way to get a new look without spending a dime. I purchased fabric to make navy and white buffalo check curtains but I decided I still like the gray for Spring, so I may make them to use for Summer. No matter how hard I try and stay away, buffalo check always calls my name. 

Pottery Barn Knock Off Bunny Pillow For Spring or Easter DecorIf you follow me on Instagram you’ve seen my new area rug. The one I was using was too small for the space and I’ve been on the hunt for a larger, neutral one but hadn’t found one in my price range until recently. It’s from the Country Living line and I feel like I hit the jackpot with it. 

Spring Tour Using Yellow, Green, Blue and Gray DecorSpring Tour Log Home Decor Using Yellow, Green, Gray, and BluesIf you’ve ever been to a rug store they often have the large ones hanging from the ceiling or draped across large tables. Well the one I wanted was on a table and had several others stacked on top of it, so I started working my way down the pile trying to get to the one I wanted when an employee noticed what I was trying to do. 

Spring Home Tour, Log Home Using Blues Greens and a Pop of YellowSo he started helping me and finally we reached the rug and got it unearthed so I could see it entirely. I said, yep that’s the one I want so he took it to the front of the store, rolled it up, and secured it with shrink wrap for the ride home. 

Spring Home Tour, Log Home Using Blues Greens and a Pop of YellowWhen I went to pay for it the price she told me was less than what the rug was marked, so I said something, and she told me because I had to help the employee get the rug out of the stack he marked it down for me because I helped. 

Area Rug In Gray From Country LivingI was so excited I paid $39 for an 8X10 area rug. Now I wish I’d have found another one that I like just to have as a back up. The good part about it is I won’t mind getting rid of it when I get tired of it since it wasn’t a large amount of money spent. 

Spring Home Tour, Log Home Using Blues Greens and a Pop of YellowOur pooch likes sleeping on it rather than the hard wood floors. She’s getting old and that little bit of cushion is good for her old bones. Thanks for stopping by today and have a good rest of your Sunday! 

Spring Home Tour

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  1. I love all your spring colors. Everything looks so fresh and pretty. And $39 for that rug! I want to shop with you, Dawn. It looks great. 🙂

    1. Love the fresh colours of Spring . Thanks for sharing.

      1. Gaeyl, it’s so nice to change things out it always makes it feel clean and fresh again.

    2. Becky, come on over and lets shop. It’s always funner to bargain hunt with a friend. Just purchased a new dryer today and wait until you hear about the bargain I got on that.

  2. Dawn….my favorite is the bunny pillow!! What a great deal on the pretty rug!!

    1. Jeanie, I made that bunny pillow, if you follow the link you can print off a copy and make your own at home.

  3. Debbie Lorson says:

    It all looks really pretty. Where do you find slipcovers. I have a sofa that I want a neutral cover for but the ones at target are just too stretchy. Thanks for your help.

    1. Debbie, My slipcovers are made just for the furniture line I have. I love them, but I had them in every color they made. It was time to downsize for sure.

  4. Dawn, I am loving your new rug, too! It really grounds your space and complements all the pretty spring colors you are using! I am yearning to change up some things around here. Tried to change out the small rug in front of the fireplace but Lucy, our dog, had a fit about her rug! So I put it back! Your pooch seems to have taken to your new rug easily!

  5. Kathleen G says:

    What a deal on the rug and it looks perfect in your living room, especially with your beautiful GS. I like your buffalo check drapes too, very cheery.
    Kathleen in Az

  6. Cheryl Major says:

    Dawn, your home looks so fresh and ready for spring. I love the pops of colour. You gave me some ideas…I need to get going !

  7. Dawn, your cabin always looks so inviting and fresh! I do love the way you mix colors with your neutrals. That rug …. way to go!! I love it.

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