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Staircase Landing


Wire Basket Filled With Linens and Ticking On The Landing of a Log Home

Do you ever just look around your home and notice an area that you’ve never thought of as useable space before? The upstairs landing in our loft is just that space. It’s large enough to use as an office if need but there’s no electrical outlet in the floor. I’m really not sure how that was overlooked because we have other outlets in the floor that run along the rail but nope nothing on the landing.

Wire Basket Filled With Linens and Ticking On The Landing of a Log HomeI’m not about running an extension cord to run a computer I don’t think It’s a good idea. I could bug hubby and have him tear out the floor and pull the wiring up to the spot I need but that sounds like way more work than it’s worth and with us looking to sell it’s a stupid idea. I dare say he wouldn’t be too happy with me either for coming up with another one of my hair-brained ideas so I’d better get that idea out of my head.

Wire Basket Filled With Linens and Ticking On The Landing of a Log HomeFor those of you who don’t read my “Talk Till Dawn” series we’re looking at downsizing and I’ve been on a mission to find us a new place. We have two homes to sell and would like to find acreage with a huge barn and a tiny house already on the property. I’m not one to force the issue I just sit back, pray, and in Gods time I know if it’s meant to be it will all come together and fall into place.

Wire Basket Filled With Linens and Ticking On The Landing of a Log Home

It sure doesn’t stop me from searching Zillow ever day though. But anyway back to the landing. I decided to try and add a few décor items to it from time to time just for something new. If the front door is ever used our guest see directly up the stairs to the landing portion. For now I added a large wire basket, I think it was formally a freezer basket from back in the day when things were made of metal not plastic, and to it I added a ticking quilt, and some yardage of linen fabric.

Wire Basket Filled With Linens and Ticking On The Landing of a Log Home

I like the simplicity of it and think I’ll keep trying other simple décor items when I tire of this look. I crave a simpler time. There are times I really despise cell phone and what they take away from families communicating. Do we really have to text each other when we all live under the same roof? So with my attempt to make my life less hectic and more meaningful you’ll be seeing simpler décor posts sprinkled in from time to time.

Wire Basket Filled With Linens and Ticking On The Landing of a Log Home

I’m even going to find a way to hang my clothes outdoors again. In a past post I told you my clothes were getting dusted with the placement of the line to close to our dirt driveway, but I think I have it figured out. Come back soon to see what I’ve come up with. Here’s to going through life taking the time to enjoy the simple pleasures that are around me everyday!




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  1. A green plant would like nice there also.

  2. I have a barrel of walking sticks & an old butter churn on my outlet-free landing. Have also used crocks & a table with candles or oil lamp. (I like having oil lamps around for power outages.)

    I’ve wondered many times why no one thinks to put outlets on the stairs or landings. Myself included. After we built a house in 1980, I mentally nagged myself for not adding outlets there.

    Looks good.

    1. Jeannie you have a whole list of good ideas, thanks! I was so diligent about putting tons of outlets in. I made sure they were even in the floor, but have no idea how I missed the landing.

  3. Looks great but what struck me the most is making life more meaningful. Enough said.

    1. Barb I’m all about living life differently especially after my Mom recently passed away. I sure look at things differently now.

  4. Cheryl Major says:

    Dawn, I am with you. I wish I could go back in time when it was a much slower pace of life. There is a price we pay for having everything at our fingertips….not always good. I tend to decorate very basic and simplier with what I have , so to speak. When we are empty nesters in 3 years or so, we hope to sell our large log home and we are lending towards a old farm house with property or a smaller log home away from it all. Even though we seem to have lots of outlets, there are several spots in our home where it appears to be too far away from an outlet . In those spots I have tossed a older chair, quilts, tall cream can filled with branches and some batterie powered lights on them that are on a timer . The cat appears to like that chair . I tend to change it up according to the season.

    1. Cheryl you are so smart.f I’ve never thought of battery powered lights. Girl you’re making my wheels turn. I’m ready to give up the maintenance of a log home and do a small four square home, or cottage. I’d love to buy on a lake but we’d never be able to get the amount of property we like. I’m not keen on neighbors I can see and lake living is close quarters. I’ll just keep looking and something will eventually turn up.

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