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Stock Tank Planter


Stock Tank Planter, Under Chicken Coop Window

You do know all the rage right now and has been for several years is to plant raised bed gardens. They’re easier on your back, easier to weed, take up less space, and don’t require any heavy machinery to cultivate the plot. Another trend is planting in stock tanks.

Stock Tank Planter

In my neck of the woods these items are free. Every farmer has several laying around in their junk pile or stockpiles somewhere in a field. Once they get rusty, spring a leak, and no longer hold water they’re pretty useless to water cattle out of.

Stock Tank Planter, Under Chicken Coop Window

But that’s a good thing for those of us, like me, who tend to garden with rustic junk. My besties son brought me over this small stock tank knowing I’d find a use for it and I certainly have. I had hubby fill it with dirt from our stockpile and I thought blooming sunflowers would be just beautiful against the dark brown chicken coop.

Stock Tank Planter, Under Chicken Coop Window

Since sunflowers bloom in the late summer and early fall here I planted a few hills of cucumbers on the front portion of the stock tank and scattered sunflower seeds over the rest of it. I’ll let the cucumber plants spill over the sides while the sunflowers grown.

Stock Tank Planter, Under Chicken Coop Window

I did a quick photos shop of what it will look like once the flowers are in bloom and I do believe it will be a beautiful sight. There’s nothing better than rusty junk in the garden it makes me happy just looking at it

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    1. Thanks Carol, I wish the raccoons would quit digging them up 🙁 It’s so maddening.

  1. Susan Cogan says:

    That will be so pretty once everything gets growing! My daughter made a fairy garden in one of hers!

    1. Aw I bet that looks so cute. I’ve always admired fairy gardens but never created on myself.

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