Stop That Truck ~ A Summer Treat You Have to Have

Passion Punch Sherbet | Schwan's | twitter.com/CCainCabin | http://www.pinterest.com/dawncain/ | #SherbetDo you have a Schwan’s Man? Well if you don’t you will want to get one right away. Hubby was in the mood for some ice cream the other night so you guessed it he chased down the Schwan’s truck. His taste in ice cream and mine are nothing alike. I’m a chocolate lover or mint chocolate lover through and through, now he on the other had is a sherbet man. Something I wouldn’t take a second look at or even consider, if it’s in the freezer and the only thing to eat, I would go without. I don’t think I have ever tried sherbet but for some reason I had it in my head I just wouldn’t like it. Well, OMG I have a new addiction…..

Passion Punch Sherbet | Schwan's | twitter.com/CCainCabin | http://www.pinterest.com/dawncain/ | #SherbetHubby came through the door carrying 3 containers of ice cream from the Schwan’s man, my favorite mint chocolate chip, plain chocolate, and the to die for “Passion Fruit”. Hubby kept encouraging me to give it a try and I wrinkled up my nose and said no thank you, several times. Finally after he kept on about it I decided to give it a try….what a big mistake. I fell in love with it’s rich tangerine and fruit punch flavor, it is so smooth and dreamy. I certainly can’t eat much of it at one time it’s so rich (which is probably a good thing) but I did mange to get my fair share that’s for sure. So I want to encourage you if you have the opprotunity try this Sherbet you will love it even if you’re not a sherbet kind of person. The Schwan’s man now has a new stop on his delivery route.


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  1. I have never seen a Schwan’s truck in our neighborhood but one of our local markets carries it. I will definitely look to see if they carry this sherbet!

    1. Ann, you can download the app, order and they will bring it right to you.

  2. Sounds yummy. Maybe after my diet 🙂

    xo Laura

    1. Laura, I need a serious diet after all this yumminess.

  3. I used to have a Schwann’s guy, but I kind of stopped buying, and he stopped coming. I never even tried the ice cream. Darn! They all sound good!!
    xo Kris

    1. Kris, you better give him a call. I have tried ice cream and sherbet and the sherbet is better than any you can buy in a store.

  4. I have never stopped the Schwann’s man . . . I love sherbet . . . I will continue to not stop the Schwann’s man because I don’t need another addiction.

    1. Carol, I hear ya my waist line sure didn’t need to find a new addiction.

  5. Hi Dawndie! Oh, yummy! I didn’t know you could just buy from the Schwann’s trucks like that. Looks yummy! Now when we lived in New Mexico we ordered from Schwann’s each month and they delivered to our door. I’ll take just a little of that sherbert! 🙂 Hope you have a great Memorial Day.
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia 😉

    1. Shelia, yes you can run him down if need be in our neck of the woods or you can use the new app and have them deliver to your door. You have a great weekend too 🙂

  6. That sounds SO good! We used to buy from Schwan’s years ago…maybe we should try again!

    1. Susan, I haven’t bought from them in 20 years so it was nice to find some new products they are carrying. Glad hubby ran the truck down.

  7. We do have those trucks around here on occasion. I hear everything is fabulous. This looks amazing Dawn! Have a great day.

    1. Debbie, you better stop that truck next time you see it. LOL

  8. I haven’t ordered from Schwans in forever. Do they still have chocolate marshmallow ice cream? My husband got me hooked on that years ago. I think I can attribute at least five pounds to it!

    1. Nancy they still have it:) I haven’t tried that flavor yet.

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