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Storage Shed Build

Storage Shed Build To Hold Adult Toys, Quads and MotorcyclesRemember I shared with you the painting of the basement walls, well we couldn’t stop there, or get one project complete without starting another and having the whole backyard in shambles. Of course not, why not make my neat freak self really be overwhelmed with another messy project; the toy shed build. I’m one of those people that like things neat and tidy and everything in it’s place but when construction is going on thats rarely what happens. 

Storage Shed Build To Hold Adult Toys, Quads and MotorcyclesI do have to say once the shed is finished it will make for a welcomed hiding spot for all the big boy toys we have. My son started building the shed to hold our quads, dirt bikes, and motorcycles. It’s a actually been quite fun, I’ve been able to help him in the construction phase. Any time I get to spend with my kids is a bonus in my opinion. We managed to get the floor in, the walls, up and the roof on before Michigan decided to turn up the heat and humidity again. 

Storage Shed Build To Hold Adult Toys, Quads and MotorcyclesSo the project was put on hold until it cools back down to more fall like temps. My son has very limited time to work on it he has a day job, and is a firefighter and EMT by night. Somehow he manages on very little sleep and is finding time to build the toy shed.

Storage Shed Build To Hold Adult Toys, Quads and MotorcyclesDon’t tell anyone but once our son buys his own home I’m dreaming about turning this into a she shed. Wouldn’t it look fantastic with a scrumptious shandy hanging from the cathedral ceilings?  I’m already forewarning him that I’m going to hang flower boxes under the windows just to make it look a little cuter than just a plain old shed. I think as long as I leave the inside alone, he’ll be fine with whatever I do on the outside.

Stay tuned, and come back to see the steel up, the windows in, and the door in place as well as the finished basement project. I’m not trying to string you along but work was put on hold with the heat. 

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  1. Lol….it’s nice to know you’re not trying to string us along, Dawn. That heat was pretty awful. I’m definitely enjoying the cooler days. It’ll be so cute with those window boxes. I hope your weekend is great!

    1. Jen I can’t wait to show off the shed but there’s so much going on in the backyard I hardly have time to post it all.

  2. Kathleen G says:

    I’m not surprised that your son can build a large shed from the experience of building the family home. He sounds like a wonderful young man:). And Dawn, you’re no slouch yourself! Self reliance is a good thing! Hope it cools down for you, cause it’snot happening here:)
    Kathleen in Az

    1. Kathleen yes our son at age 14 wired our whole cabin. He was home schooled and traveled with us for the family business. He learned so many life skills that matter. He had graduated and had a full time job at 15. Now he has his day job, is a part time firefighter and EMT and back in officer school. So proud of the man he is.

  3. Cheryl Major says:

    We finally got our summer. We had a really rainy crappy summer. For 3 weeks in September , we actually had up to 38 C . Now Fall is here …5 C ….it was nice while it lasted. Not good if you are working outside though.
    The construction phase is always so messy but the shed will be so handy/helpful. There is always need for sheds…even with a shandy hanging from it ! The possibilities are endless !!
    Have a great week.

  4. I would LOVE to have a she shed to go to. But I probably would not build one until we downsize to a smaller house and I no longer have room for my own space in the house. Can’t wait to see it as your very own she shed one day. xo

    1. Diane, me too a she shed would be perfect but I seem to take over the whole house so I better not push my luck, LOL.

  5. Theresa Young says:

    That will be so nice to have something to store things in. Will be even nicer when you can turn it into a she shed!
    Does this mean you have changed your minds about selling your home and moving?


    1. Theresa yes the market was way down when we were thinking of it and now it’s crazy in our area again. Homes are selling in under 3 days from date of listing. Our oldest son want’s the cabin, so we may move to the guest house at some point but for now we’re staying put.

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