Strawberries are Ripe

I just had to show you all what is ripe in my garden.
 Bright, Red, Juicy Strawberries.
Don’t they look yummy?
There are only two ready to pick today, so I’m waiting for my hubby to get home and share them with him.
We will only get a taste, but there are several more that will be ready every day.

Tip: for keeping your Strawberries fresher, longer
Wash berries right before your ready to serve them. (Only wash what you will eat in one sitting)
Hull berries right after they are washed. (They will taste water logged if you do this in the reverse order)

Anyone else have Strawberries ready yet?

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  1. The strawberries look delicious! We may try strawberries next season, but we were just feeling our way along on this gardening-thing this time around. We have a boat-load of zucchini & spaghetti squash, though!

    Thanks for stopping by for my travel tour today. I really want to wrap this up so I can get my album made. I’m using my blog to get everything organized.

  2. Nope-None here yet- We are a good month away. Yours look wonderful-I am sooo jealous! xo Diana

  3. I had to come by to see your ripe strawberries.Isn’t it exciting? We were delighted to find plums on one of our trees today. We have a few strawberry plants in a raised bed. One or two will be ripe each day, but the birds usually get to them before I do.

  4. Wow…amazing! That happened fast too! I have been having ripe strawberries for a couple of months not. But we are much warmer here.
    PS….that was my Grandma with the beer!!! Tee-hee

  5. Your strawberry plants look great! I bet you can’t wait to harvest a bunch; Yum! 🙂


  6. Dawn
    There’s nothing more exciting as the first fruits off the vine!
    I’m surprised you got any from first year strawberries. Great!

  7. Nothing around here yet Dawn, your strawberries look beautiful. I’m sure there will be strawberry shortcake in your future.

  8. Very pretty berries.. and oh so yum! Reminds me that I need to go out to the ‘back-up fridge’ and get some more of my Mom’s strawberries out to wash for today. They are a wonderful treat, aren’t they? Enjoy!! -Tammy

  9. I am waiting patiently for the homegrown strawberries to hit our farmer’s market. I really want to make freezer jam but not sure I’ll get to it. Your strawberries are beautiful. Well done!

  10. Ooooh, so pretty, Dawn! I’m a bit sad that the strawberries are almost done here. They came in 2 weeks early and so they’re done 2 weeks earlier than usual. We picked a good 6 gallons to put up in the freezer so we’ll have plenty for smoothies until next season. 🙂 I shared a recipe at the end of last week for an oatcake that uses strawberries if you want to check it out!

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