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Strawberry Jam Recipe

The strawberries are still coming on strong in our garden.
We can’t keep up with eating them all so I convinced
Hubby to help me get them all washed and
into a pot for making strawberry jam.
  I was so grateful he was willing to help, for
some reason that pile of strawberries just looked like a bigger
task than I was up for.
It went much faster with two of us cleaning berries.
Into the dutch oven the berries went and I proceeded to 
mash them with my hand held potato smasher.
It feels very rewarding to do things by hand, I guess 
I could have got out the electric puree tool, but doing it the old
fashioned way felt right to me.
Now onto the stove with the berries along with a couple cups of sugar.
As the batch was boiling I noticed hubby get out the bread and the 
peanut butter
Next thing I knew he was also grabbing a serving of freshly 
made jam from the pot.
I guess he just couldn’t resist….
Looks yummy right?
This is the second batch of jam we have canned this year.
Next the Raspberries will be ready.
If you missed my printable “Strawberry Jam Recipe”
you can find it
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  1. If we lived close we could make raspberry jam together!! It is my favorite.
    Your jam pictures are luscious!

  2. Homemade jam is the best! My mom use to can and there were so many delicious things.

    I’m free of an HOA with this old cottage, and in the future, I hope to figure out how to grow an edible, desert garden. So far I have a lemon tree, a tangelo, and prickly pear. Years ago, I did in northern California, but that was a different climate.

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