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Styled Open Farmhouse Shelves


Styled Open Farmhouse ShelvesFirst off I must say, I can’t believe it’s February already. Winter is so cold here this year, but my family is having fun going north snowmobiling. I say if you’re going to live in a state with bitter cold temps and lots of snow you’ll need to enjoy outdoor sporting activities to get through it. For me I’m staying inside where it’s toasty warm and spending my time dusting and rearranging the open farmhouse shelves I added to the dining room corner. 

How to Style Open Farmhouse ShelvesThis was such a good idea, I’d debated over it for quite some time and while the men were away I went for it. It took no time to put them up and it give me another space to decorate and add a little pop of color to the log walls. After Christmas it was time to take everything down, give the shelves a good old fashioned dusting and put things on the shelves again. 

White Dishes With Pops of Green On Open Farmhouse ShelvesI love the cow print from Hobby Lobby, but I am searching for something new to place there. I’d like another print that’s 24X24 so I can swap them out when I’m needing a change. If I can’t find anything I’m going to add a shelf for a while and continue the decorating around the corner. 

White Dishes, Green Mason Jars, Cow Print, Rustic Star, Open Farmhouse ShelvesI picked up the paint this week to give our kitchen island a transformation, I now just need to get motivated and get it done. I can’t wait to share with you what I’ll be doing (now don’t hold your breath it may take me a while to get it done.)

By the way in the first pic you’ll see an olive treen on the dining room table. I had to place it there to keep it away from our heating vents (that run every 4 feet in our home) It was drying out and dropping leaves like crazy. I sure didn’t want to kill it off, you know how I am with my brown thumb. And the brown paper bag in the galvanized bucket disguises the ugly colored planter it’s potted in. My Mom gifted me the tree and brought it all the way from Florida for me. 

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  1. Good morning, I love open shelving and yours looks great! I have a cute cow painting in my store that would look nice on your shelf. Take a peek in my store.
    Have a blessed day!

  2. I love the colors​ that you chose and the greenery and pears are a perfect addition. Can’t wait to see the island makeover.

  3. The open shelves and the styling are fantastic…I commend you for doing this on your own while the guys were away!….Love the Olive tree…and yes I find the plants getting a bit drier during the winter months indoors, so I crank up the humidifier

  4. Dawn, the shelves look great!! yes, Mich is cold!! we just spent a sunny month in Fla and it was awesome. Stay warm!!

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