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Summer Farmhouse Shelf Refresh



Items from your kitchen to style open farmhouse shelves with. Blue and green mason jars. Fresh or faux greens and white dishes and bowls.

Do you ever have one of those days when your décor just isn’t working anymore? That’s the way I was feeling and it all centered on giving the dining rooms farmhouse shelves a summer refresh.

I knew it was time to give them a good dusting so rather than pick things up and dust under them I decided to take everything off and start over. Good thing I did I found a few dead ladybugs and spider trying to hide under the cow print.

Clearing off the open farmhouse shelves to give them a summer refresh. Using a large cow print, blue and green mason jars, faux greenery, and white dishes to complete the look.

After they’d been whipped clean I decided to use what was already there just rearrange it differently to give it a fresh new look. Over the last year I’ve downsized my décor items so much I rarely have anything new to share. I’m sticking with what I have used in a different way or a different room.

Open Farmhouse Shelves in the Dining Room. Styled With Mason Jars, Faux Greenery, White Dishes, and Cutting Boards.
Styling farmhouse shelves.

I debated whether to replace the cow print with something new but everything I tried in that space just didn’t work so back it went. I really have no method for decorating shelves I just place the big items first and fill in around them with smaller grouping.

Styling farmhouse shelves with mason jars, white dishes, faux greens, a large cow print, and cutting boards all in a log home dining room.
Styling a farmhouse dining room with open farmhouse shelves

I have no idea if it’s the right way to do it or not but it works for me. I place a few things, stand back and have a look-see, and if it doesn’t feel right I do something different. If it looks good and I’m happy with it I move on to another empty spot on the shelf.

Things to use when styling open farmhouse shelves.
Styling farmhouse shelves with mason jars, white dishes, faux greens, a large cow print, and cutting boards all in a log home dining room.

If nothing else I have clean shelves again and for some reason the same old stuff looks new again. I’ve never understood how some people never change a thing in their homes. They never move the furniture or get new artwork for the walls. Maybe more people are like that and I’m the strange one.

Farmhouse Shelves
Styling open farmhouse shelves, cow print, gather basket

All I know is those farmhouse shelves turned into more brilliant ideas, and more changes in the dining room. I’ll be back to share those with you soon once I get hubby to move a few heavy pieces for me.

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  1. You are not strange at all….just savvy!!! I don’t have the need to “buy, buy, buy” but I DO have the need to change on a regular basis…..sooooo, like you, I just clean and move stuff around. Makes me happy, makes the house happy, and hubby and princess cat like the outcome. I just can’t mess with the recliner, the TV or the cat food dishes ;^)

    1. Jay, I’ll cracking up over the recliner and tv. Men do like their big old ugly chair and big old tv don’t they? Hubby has his own space for that so I don’t have to try and decorate around it. He can keep it just how he likes it.

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