Summer Fashion Over 40

Today I’m going to share with you how I create a wardrobe, and in this case it’s my Summer look. A few years ago I started using a select number of colors per season, by doing this I can create several different looks by mixing and matching those few select colors. 
For Summer this year I went to my closet and decided to work with the capri colors I already had.
Capris: Navy, Navy with White Polkadots, Tan, and White.
From there I purchased new T-Shirts (I find no matter what brand I buy they only hold up for one season). T-Shirts: White, Black, Tan, White and Navy Stripe, White and Black Stripe, Kaki Green, Gray = $42
I already had the shoes. Flip Flops: Navy, Black, Tan along with the Wedge Sandals and the Vans in Black and White Check, and Camo. 
I also had the Denim Jacket, Denim Button Down, and the Kaki Green Vest. 
Both skirts are from Kohls clearance rack Black Lace, and the Navy and White Stripe = $12. 
Cardigans I already owned: Gray, Black, Tan, White.
I own the Sunglasses, Sun Hat, Nail Polish, and Pearls. (And yes I’m one of those girls that wears pearls with everything).
The only other purchase I made was the Bandana Scarfs = $3.
For $57 I completed my Summer Fashion look. Below are a few ways I’m mixing and matching things. These are just a few examples, I can make several outfits. What I like best is I can pick any of the pieces and they all go together. No guessing and deciding on what to wear for the day, I can’t go wrong by just grabbing into my closet and putting on whatever’s in my hand. I love dressing this way, it’s so easy and makes for a great traveling collection.
My  Summer Color Collection
Casual Summer Fashion For Women Over 40


Summer Casual Fashion For Woman Over 40


Summer Casual Fashion For Woman Over 40


Casual Summer Fashion For Women Over 40


Casual Summer Fashion For Women Over 40


Casual Summer Fashion For Women Over 40


Casual Summer Fashion For Women Over 40


Casual Summer Fashion For Women Over 40
Summer Fashion Ideas. Mixing and Matching To Come Up With Several Outfits. Great For Travel. Casual Wear.
Casual Summer Outfits. Great For Travel. Mix and Match. Fashion Over 40. Coral, Gray, and Navy.



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  1. Cheryl Maj says:

    That’s awesome ! …Your outfits are so fun and summery ….Thanks for the tips !

    1. Thanks Cheryl I loved putting the look together and loved the price. Nothing better than being stylish on a budget.

  2. Kathleen G says:

    So cute and cool! I have floral blouses and I need to buy Jean and khaki capris. Suppose to hit 101 this Sunday, yuk! To early!
    Have a beautiful Spring day Dawn,
    Kathleen in Az

    1. Kathleen no way not 101 already? That’s way to hot any time of the year. You better break out the swimsuit and sprinkler.

  3. Love it! I really need to do this. I have a good fall/winter wardrobe base, but my spring/summer choices are so lacking. I’ve been feeling quite overwhelmed, wondering where to begin and what to buy. I’m going to set out what I have and see where I should go from there. I don’t think you mentioned it and I’m wondering if you had the floral scarf already. It goes so well with your colors. I’m a jeans and sneakers (and flipflops) kinda gal, so I really like how you’ve paired sneakers with your skirts. I don’t currently own any summery skirts, but would like to get one or two.

    1. Jen I have two summer skirts and two summer dresses, it’s just enough to change the look but my wardrobe isn’t overwhelmed with more stuff. I’d love to come help you come up with a look, it’s so fun to do. Yes I owned the scarfs, I did purchased the bandana ones but they are only $1 each. I love sneakers with skirts and dresses, I guess it’s my own funky style.

    1. Aw thank you Jeanie. I do this every season now and it sure cuts down on overspending. I don’t even look at clothes if they’re not in my color palette now. Such a cheap way to get several looks.

  4. Love the outfits!….just bought some navy slacks with a “polka dot’esque” pattern…love them and so glad that I kept a pair of navy capri’s with white polka dots that I bought years ago!…(hope they still fit!)

    1. Shirley I was glad all my things still fit too. It’s nice to get more than one year out of them. Around here we don’t have many months of summer. Mine are from Lands End and they’ve held up nicely.

  5. Thanks for the great ideas! Love the camo Vans.

    1. Shellie, I love them too. There just quirky enough for me that I feel like they make a statement.

  6. Dawn, everything is so pretty and pulled together. I went online and ordered a black lace skirt after reading your post. It’s a little out of my comfort zone but when I saw that you paired it with a tee shirt and jean jacket I thought, hey, maybe I could do that too. I love that floral scarf and all your accessories too.

    1. Becky I wear that skirt all the time. When I purchased it, it was $6 on the clearance rack. Wish I had grabbed a white one too. I love it and wear it with cute tennis shoes all the time too. I like to be a little funky, so why not wear what I feel comfortable in.

  7. Cheryl@The Creative Me &My McG says:

    Dawn you have some great outfits… I’m afraid I keep buying new pieces trying to put new outfits together …I definitely have to look at how you do this… any tips??

    1. Cheryl, pick 3 colors to work with. Try making two of them neutrals (gray, black, navy, white, olive green) and build from there. Always purchase a T or blouse in white, one in white with a colored stripe and build from there. You can get by with less things if you make everyting work together and able to mix and match. Cheap ways to add pops of color are to use scarves, (you can tie them around your neck, add them as a tie back in your hair, tie them around a purse strap, use as a belt, the ideas are endless). Buy one pair of neutral sandals that go with everyting (brown or black). I like to purchase all my capris from the same designer that way it’s always the same fit and the same fabric.

  8. Great idea! I have nearly all of these pieces…but would love to find that floral scarf from US source. And where did you find the olive bandana, Dawn?

    1. Denise Kmart of all places has them for $1 and the floral scarf for $2, quite the deals.

  9. I love all your colors and your style! I need to rethink my wardrobe on your wavelength to downsize! thanks for sharing, Dawn!

    1. Susan you’ll find you can do with a lot less once you start to purge. I like mixing and matching items is less stressful when it’s time to dress.

  10. Love your fashions, I might take some ideas for the summer from you.

    1. Thanks Pauline I’d love to style people for a living and help with organizing their wardrobe.

  11. Love all your outfits! Where might you have gotten your straw handbag with the tassel and the green vest? Particularly like those items! Thanks!

    1. Sandra I purchased them both this season at Target!

  12. Love your creative outfits. (:

  13. Melissa Abraham says:

    The coral gray and navy outfits—sooo cute where did you get the pieces? Love the navy and green mix too!!

    1. Melissa most of my things are from Target, I dont’ like to spend a lot on clothes that way I can buy new often.

  14. Love the blues and khaki greens…. they work their way from summer into fall quite nicely.

    1. Diane I agree these are great seasonal transition colors.

  15. So cute I am well past 40 but still like to stay looking fashionable I don’t want to look older

    1. Anita, I’m over 50 now and like to be fashionable too. Who want’s to get frumpy?

      1. I could not agree with you more ?

  16. I love the color combos! thanks for sharing!

  17. the grey and salmon colors look great together with the flowered scarf, I would have never thought to put those colors together.
    Thanks for the different outfits on this website.

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