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Summer Porch with Ferns and Dragonflies

Summer Porch | CreativeCainCabin.comYeah Michigan finally has turned the corner and we’ve had a few nice days in a row…..which means I can start my porch decorating……come back later in the week for a full look, right now all I have out is the dragonfly pillow from Lowes. 

Hanging Fern | CreativeCainCabin.comDo you remember me asking everyone for advice about replanting my last years hanging baskets? Well hubby and I had to make a quick stop into HD last weekend and while there I noticed they had a whole cart load of hanging ferns marked down to $8 each (I can’t see why that was our season has just started here, but who cares I was taking advantage of the bargain).

Hanging Fern | CreativeCainCabin.comI immediately thought of my hanging baskets. The green would be perfect against the cabin, they were already nice and full, and the price was right. So into my cart 2 of them went. 

Summer Porch | CreativeCainCabin.comAll I had to do when I got home was dump the old dirt from last year, pop the ferns out of the ugly plastic hanging pot they were in, replant in my pots, give a good dose of fertilizer and water, and hang. 

Summer Porch | CreativeCainCabin.comThat was simple enough and now I don’t have to wait for seeds to grow, or transplants to fill in. I like the look so much I may go with it again next year. What do you think?


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  1. Morning, Dawndie! Oh, I love your ferns and glad to know you could use you moss pots again. I love the look of hanging ferns on a porch.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ๐Ÿ˜‰

    1. Shelia, thanks for stopping in and it’s always nice to reuse again instead of buying new. Have a wonderful day!

  2. Isn’t it great that some good weather is finally here! We had a great weekend here in Ontario last weekend, but the rain this week has kept me from bringing out my pillows. I love that dragonfly – what a great symbol of summer! I have never tried ferns
    in my baskets but now with a porch to decorate, it might be time…thanks for the inspiration!!

    1. Cheryl I have never used ferns either but I rather like the look. I fell in love with the pillow as soon as I spotted it and new I would be bringing it home with me. Yes it’s so nice to see nicer days.

  3. Wonderful addition of the ferns. Do you have room to take them inside over the winter? they should survive okay and be ready for next year. Love the dragonfly on the cushions.

    1. Linda I have room but not sure I want to deal with the mess. I may try it this year and see how it goes, but I normally kill house plants ๐Ÿ™

  4. I love using ferns. I don’t have mine hanging, but in large urns. That was a really good price. They are !0 to 20 dollars here. It’s so weird seeing your trees still bare when we have had full trees for many weeks. I know yours will start filling in quickly with the warm up.

    1. Kim, yes my flowering trees are all in bloom right now but the oak and maple trees are still trying to leaf out.

  5. Dawn the hanging fern is beautiful…nothing says Spring like a great fern!…love your porch and that pretty dragonfly pillow….Must be great sitting on the porch enjoying the view!

    1. Shirley, I can hardly believe we finally have nice weather and if my life ever slows down I will do a little porch sitting.

  6. I love Ferns but I usually end up killing them ๐Ÿ™ but living up here in MI, I’m going to give it another try. You have the best porch and scenery. Love those Dragonflies too ๐Ÿ™‚ -Bev

    1. Bev not sure but I think they don’t like full sun so I hope the porch has enough cover to keep mine alive.

  7. Two summers ago I bought 3 large ferns for my porch. I hung two and put the other in an olive bucket next to the front door. I was fully expecting them not to make it through the summer because we get afternoon sun but they were beautiful and lush all summer long. I thought they were a bargain at $10 each ( at my local grocery store, of all places) since at our garden center I was seeing flowering baskets at prices of $30 to $50. I think you got a REAL bargain. I think you will really enjoy them too.

    1. Becky thanks for stopping in. So far I love them and if they do well this summer I think I will purchase more next year.

  8. Cheryl Major says:

    They look great on your porch Dawn. I also love it when it all comes together and I can reuse something.

    1. Cheryl, I am all about reusing if I can who wants to spend that money again if you don’t have to.

  9. Love the ferns! They look beautiful & were a bargain. I use ferns on my back porch every year. Love the look.

    1. Wanda, I am loving the look the more I see the whole deck coming together.

  10. So nice that Spring has finally arrived! Love your Fern! May I ask where you got the moss covered hanging planter? I’m new to your blog, and enjoying it very much!

    1. Angie I purchased them at Meijers which is a grocery store, it’s not in all states though. Its from the Better Homes and Garden line so if you find a store that sells that brand they will probably have them too.

  11. Chris k in Wisconsin says:

    The ferns look great. I have bought 2 ferns every year for the past 4 years at HD for $8. When I was there 2 wks ago to get mine for this year, someone told me that before Easter they were only $5!! So I think HD has them every year. I put a note on my calendar for April 15 every year to check!! The pillow is also gorgeous! Isn’t it wonderful that spring has finally sprung here in the upper Midwest….

    1. Chris thanks for the heads up, I will try and get mine next year when there $5.

  12. I always get ferns for the front porch and they do well all summer. I tried a few times to keep them thru the winter but they make entirely too much of a mess dropping foliage . So, I just watch and buy new ones each Spring.

    Love your dragonfly pillow!


    1. Judy My Grams said the same thing to0 much work and mess to keep through winter so I guess at that price I will just get new next year.

  13. Love ferns Dawn and they look great in those baskets. We picked up 6 and didn’t have any trouble finding homes for them.

    Can’t wait to see what you decided to do with your porch.

  14. Try this…every other day take the whole potted fern and dunk it in a bucket of water deep enough to cover the soil layer, until all the air bubbles stop rising. Make sure to add a good handful of Epsom salts to your bucket first. That’s how to water a fern.

  15. Nancy Blue Moon says:

    Very nice Dawn..I’m tempted to try one myself now..

    1. Nancy this is my first time and I think I like them ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. Love your porch….and what a view!!! Can you tell where you got the wooden adirondack chair? It has a very unique look!

    1. Hi Marla, thank you for dropping in. My son made the chair for me about 10 years ago when he was in 4H. It’s from cedar so it’s held up wonderfully ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. Looks beautiful Dawn. Hanging ferns on the porches here are super popular. I sadly never had luck with they staying alive here…like most things I plant or hang lol!

    1. Debbie, Im good with keeping things alive outside but inside I have a black thumb ๐Ÿ™

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