Sunflower Blooms

Sunflower | Creative Cain CabinIt seems like I’ve been waiting a long time to see the bright yellow faces of my sunflowers in bloom. I was about 2 weeks late in planting them this year, for some reason I forgot all about it and when I remembered I rushed right outside and found a place to scatter the seeds. 

Birdhouse and Sunflowers | Creative Cain CabinI thought they would look nice planted behind the strawberry patch up close to the house. All the green and yellow really pop against the dark logs of the home. I love how they look around the rustic birdhouse, I was so excited to see them in bloom 🙂 I had to go get hubby so he could have a look-see.

Sunflower | Creative Cain CabinHe wasn’t nearly as excited as I was. His response was, “Yep”. No excitement in that at all. I can’t wait for the rest of them to open up. I hope I have enough for a bouquet in the house, they’ll make the perfect fall arrangement. 


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    1. Kris, The wind got them yesterday and they are looking a little droopy. I think next year I will have to run some twine to keep them upright.

    1. Linda, I’m not sure if this variety forms seeds or not. I only remember planting them one other time. Do they all form seeds??

  1. Very pretty! Love them near your birdhouse.

    1. Thank you Pam 🙂 I hope I remember to plant them again in the same spot next year.

  2. Oh Dawn, I love them! I know you have a green thumb, I don’t! 🙁 I planted several seeds soon after we moved into our bungalow and only one sprung up. I’m loving it though, it’s so precious! Question: We drove down to Lansing last weekend and I was really hoping to see fields and fields of Sunflowers like we did last summer but I didn’t not even one! Would you know why?? I was very sad. Hope you’re having a great weekend! -Bev 🙂

    1. Bev, wow sunflowers are easy to grow, I bet you had birds eat the seeds before they germinated. Not sure why you didn’t see any fields of sunflowers they may not quite be blooming yet.

  3. I laughed about your husband’s reaction. My husband never reacts to my decorating, but he always appreciates the flowers in the garden.

    Your sunflowers are wonderful.

    1. Carol, it took my hubby 2 years once to notice I had moved new living room furniture in. He’s not to observant on those kind of things. LOL

  4. Just gorgeous!! My hubby wants to plant sunflowers (he’s the gardener in this family! 😉

    1. Susan you should let him they are gorgeous.

  5. Nan, Odessa, DE says:

    Dawn: Love the sunflowers but NEVER plant them.
    Where are you located? I am in Delaware and wonder when I should plant the seeds!
    Any suggestions?

    1. Nan I am in Michigan and you should plant the seeds in the spring, the same time you plant your veggies. They are easy to grow and require no attention.

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