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Sunflower and Buffalo Check Fall Guest Room

Decorating a Guest Room Using Buffalo Check Fabric, Sunflowers, Ticking, Black and White Art Prints, and a Bunting For Fall

I feel like I’m running behind on getting my fall decorating done, or maybe I’m just not doing as much this year and it’s more noticeable. I’ve seen some bloggers already have their places decked out with fall goodies. Remember I stated in an early post that I’m not going to spend a bunch of money decorating and to do the guest bedroom I spent nothing.

Decorating a Guest Room Using Buffalo Check Fabric, Sunflowers, Ticking, Black and White Art Prints, and a Bunting For Fall

I headed out to my raised bed garden to cut a few sunflowers blooms and call it good. The only part of fall I added to the room was sunflowers, and I think it was just the right touch. I especially love the contrast they have against the black and white buffalo check pillow covers. By the way I found that decorator fabric at Walmart for under $3 a yard, I just couldn’t pass it up and now I’m glad I didn’t.

Decorating for fall with sunflowers

I’ve been telling you all how cool it’s been here for the last two weeks; so cool I’ve had on flannel shirts and Hunter boots. Well wouldn’t you know it, it’s back up in the low 80’s again. The weather in Michigan is always so unpredictable no matter what time of the year it is. We Michiganders just learn to roll with it, and have a wardrobe for every condition.

Decorating a Guest Room Using Buffalo Check Fabric, Sunflowers, Ticking, Black and White Art Prints, and a Bunting For Fall

If you follow me on Instagram I’ve been sharing sneak peaks of some huge construction projects we’ve been doing. Things that need to get done before snow flies and things that never were completed from when we built the cabin. You know those spots no one sees so they get pushed to the back burner?

Decorating a Guest Room Using Buffalo Check Fabric, Sunflowers, Ticking, Black and White Art Prints, and a Bunting For Fall

Well with the weather holding out we’ve been busy with all the backbreaking work and I can’t wait to share it all with you. I’m sure that’s also part of the reason I’m not spending as much time on my fall decorating. I just don’t have the time to devote to it right now. So you will be seeing simple, inexpensive ideas for fall from me this year. I hope you still enjoy it!!



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  1. The mix of buffalo plaid with sunflowers is great! I love sunflowers and attended a sunflower festival last week-end. Guess I need to get the photos posted on my blog and share. xo

  2. Simple and inexpensive ideas are my favorites, Dawn. I’m glad you’ve been able to work on your DIY projects and am looking forward to seeing the results.

  3. Kathleen G says:

    I agree! Love the checks and sunflowers together. Make hay while the sun shines:).
    Kathleen in Az

  4. The buffalo checks and the sunflowers do make a welcoming and striking combination! Some day I’d like to travel to Michigan in the fall. We don’t have much of a color change here until later, but the dogwood trees are beginning to change a bit. Glad you have that guest bedroom all ready!

    1. Jane, You and Leo will have to come by the cabin and see what it’s like living in the sticks.

  5. The room looks inviting Dawn….yes, I already put the flannel sheets on the bed…lol and now we are back to wearing shorts in Michigan which is fine with me!~

    1. Jeanie, I hear ya I can’t wait for this heat to break tomorrow so we can continue to get our outdoor projects done. I’m so ready for fall temps.

  6. JaneEllen says:

    Lol, reading your comments about Michigan Fall weather, sounds like our western CO Fall weather. From one day to next is anybody’s guess. For last 3 weeks has been chilly/cold on Monday and maybe raining, then little more of Monday on Tuesday, then back up to high 70’s for rest of week which is quite delightful, then the weekend is anybody’s guess. Whatever. At least this year didn’t take all my warm weather clothes out of closet/drawers too early.
    Shoot, wish I’d seen some of that buffalo check fabric but who knows if Grand Junction Walmart even had any. (We live few miles west, (closer to UT border) from GJ in rural area where we like it, not town living people.) Whatever there is about buffalo check fabric I sure love it. Would make some curtains with it, if I find it here is way too much for our budget. We don’t go to town that often, keeps me from spending money I don’t have, lol.
    Was looking at art on headboard in your guest room, the arrows and few others really caught my eye. Inspires me to make some new art. There is so much offered on blog land can just print out whatever bloggers have for each season, gotta like that. Hard to find those little knarly gourds here, they make wonderful arrangements. Yours look great.
    We used to live in MT so know how weather can be in Northern states, would sure like to live in MT again.
    Enjoy your week

    1. JaneEllen, I’m a buffalo check lover too. I have some Navy and white that I think I’ll use for curtains and maybe go with that theme for Christmas, who knows. My sister lives in Colorado and she says the weather is much like Michigan. Thanks for stopping by 🙂

  7. JaneEllen says:

    We’ve lived in so many parts of country whatever the weather is at the time is what we’re used to. People in MT say wait 5 minutes for it to change. Of all places we’ve lived MT is still my favorite, would move back there if we could have what we had then.,
    We moved to MT from San Diego, lived there 21 yrs., people ask about it being so cold there but it’s very dry. When it’s 60 there is quite comfy with just shirtsleeves.
    The first Winter there we had several weeks of 25 below during day, sometimes 40 below during day and more at night. I happen to love cold weather, was born in OH, so was quite happy. At least in MT Christmas was snowy, cold. Think I would do fine in Alaska, lol.
    During summer months stays light til almost 11 p.m. We’ve also lived in KY and Tucson,AZ.
    I used to go with Mr.Furry when he was over road trucker so got to see lots of the country, loved going with him, would stay with him in truck for weeks on end with our little dog.
    Have a wonderful Fall week

    1. JaneEllen I would ski in CA back in high school and when it was 40 it still felt warm to me, because it was so dry. Hubby and I would love to go off the grid and live in Alaska but the older we get the harder that sounds. I’ve also been able to travel with hubby’s work I’m not a fan of CA at all and would never want to live there on of my favorite states if TN.

  8. Dawn , your guest room is so inviting .
    where did you get the pitcher ? Love your home and your decorating style .

  9. Sandy Ferguson says:

    Hey Dawn, I always enjoy your down to earth and easy to achieve ideas. Thanks so much.

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