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Creative Cain Cabin's Talk Till Dawn Series

I’m excited to share with you a new series I’m starting called, “Talk Till Dawn”, I want this to be about my everyday life, the things I’m reading, eating, my everyday ups and down, along with photos that I’ve taken over the week.

I haven’t decided yet how often this will be, right now I’m just going to get it going and see what comes of it. I encourage you to share with me similar situations and we can all support one another.

My life and home is far from perfect even though I always share with you pretty home decor picture. Now from time to time I’ll give you a look at how things can get out of control like everyone else’s life.

Apple Picking Season in Michigan. Beautiful Fall Color to See and a Covered Wagon Ride Into the Orchard

Let’s see what’s been happening around the cabin this month. There’ve been several things I want to tell you about. First Hubby brought me home a new used chicken coop. Second I’ve been on a major mission cleaning and prepping the raised garden beds. And Third I had a bra fitting I’ve been dying to tell you about. So lets get on with it shall we?

Whiskey Barrels With Herbs in Them

So I’ve been waiting for a chicken coop for a long time. We have laying hens over at Grama Reds place but I love having our own fresh meat chickens in the freezer. I’ve been patient waiting for a free one to come along, and this was the week. Hubby’s said over and over he’d build one for me, but I hated to go to the expense. Meat chickens take 8 weeks for start to finish and I felt it was too much work to go too so I’ve been holding out.

I’m excited to say our free coop has arrived. I’ll be sharing more pics as I make it cute. Right now it has yellow siding on it and it just doesn’t go well with the cabin so the color will be changing and I’m hoping hubby will have the time to add a couple of window for me. Meat chickens produce a lot of heat and the window will help create a cross ventilation.

Shed Turned Chicken Coop

A friend of ours owned the local golf course that they recently sold. They had hubby remove the pump station and said we could have the shed it was housed in so that’s how I got my free coop. Hubby took our two bobcats over and loaded it on the trailer to bring it home. Now if it will just quit raining I’ll be able to work my magic and cuten up the place (is that even a word?) You know what I mean? I don’t’ want my birds living in a place that’s not all decked out.

Shed Turned Chicken Coop

Someone hit me over the head, but yes I’m going to try and grow a garden again this year even though I’m constantly fighting to keep the deer and rabbits from eating the majority of it. There’s just something about working with my hands in the warm soil that brings me peace. I may be foolish but I’m giving it another go. Hubby built the raised beds many years ago and some are getting pretty ratty looking but they still work so I’m using them.

Clearing and Prepping the Raised Garden Beds

After weeding them I added 80 pounds of fresh manure and compost to each 4’X8’ bed. It would have been cheaper to have hubby bring me a dump truck load and I would have got more but it was easier for me to buy it by the bag at Walmart. I have 14 raised beds, and by adding 2 bags to each bed it ended up being $42 and hubby didn’t have to do the work.

Manure and Compost For Raised Garden Beds

Last if you follow me on Instagram you heard me mention I was going to a wine and bra party. What could be better than that, right? A friend that owns a floral shop invited me and I couldn’t resist. I grabbed my friend and neighbor Jamie and off we went to be fitted.

I’ve had bra fittings in the past but nothing like this one. I don’t know about you but as I age the girls seem to be going south, and when I lay down they go east and west LOL. I knew there had to be a bra out there that would bring them back to where they should be. You know like in the good old days when everything was tight and in it’s place. I know a boob lift or enhancements always an option but I’m not one to have elective surgery so finding a good bra was the right choice for me.

Timberland Boots

If you’ve ever been to a home party of any product you know the procedure they show you a few things, have a little speech about the company, and then you’re free to purchase. The lovely lady we had knew we all wanted to get to the meat of the evening so the speech was fast and we all moved right into the bra fitting part.

Each woman went into the dressing room, was fitted wearing our current bra, and then was given the correct size bra we should be wearing to try on. After putting the bra on you get back into your close and WOW what a difference. Those babies were standing tall again and right back where they should be. I’m just waiting for someone to ask me if I’ve had a boob job. AMAZING what the right fit and bra can do for a gal.

Birdhouses Made From Junk. Garden Sculpture Art, Junk Art, Birdhouse Art. Made From License Plates, Scrap Lumber, Farmhouse Ladder, Door Knobs, Silverware, and Shutters.

I’ve had other professional fits but nothing fit like the, Essential Body Wear Bra. I can’t believe how much sagging boobs can make a gal look old and wore down. I also purchased a posture wear. I have horrible posture (as my Mom and Grama did) and it’s quite embarrassing at times. I know I’m slouching but it’s hard to stay on top of it and continually throw my shoulders back. Well I don’t have to remember anymore the posture ware does it for me, it keeps my shoulders back and is even comfortable.

Wooden Clothes Drying Rack, Homestead Drying Rack, Vintage Drying Rack, Pioneer Drying Rack

Now here’s the shocker, each bra is $77 each. If purchased in a bundle you can get the price down to $65 each. So Jamie and I split a bundle since we wore the same size and it saved us a little money. I highly recommend going to an Essential Body Wear party in your area you won’t be disappointed. Every one of us that came out of the dressing room was amazed at how much our figure changed wearing this brand it doesn’t matter the breast size. Small or large they all looked so much better.

Pewter Bird Bath, Rock Sculpture, Hens & Chicks

That’s all the happening in my neck of the woods for the month of April. Until next time take care and thank you for spending the time talking till dawn with me today!


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  1. So disappointed that you didn’t have photos of your bra party. You know how much your followers love your photography. LOL 🙂

  2. I have a chicken coop that my husband built and it is adorable If you would like ideas, I’m on Instaram @365_blessings

    1. Donna I’m heading over to check out your coop now!

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