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Creative Cain Cabin's Talk Till Dawn Series

I’m excited to share with you a new series I’m starting called, “Talk Till Dawn”, I want this to be about my everyday life, the things I’m reading, eating, my everyday ups and down, along with photos that I’ve taken over the week.

I haven’t decided yet how often this will be, right now I’m just going to get it going and see what comes of it. I encourage you to share with me similar situations and we can all support one another.

My life and home is far from perfect even though I always share with you pretty home decor picture. Now from time to time I’ll give you a look at how things can get out of control like everyone else’s life.

Container Garden, Radishes

May is winding down and it’s going out as a chilly, rainy, dreary month for Michigan. I’m hoping June shapes up and at least brings us the start of nicer days. The garden needs sunshine to grow, the grass needs time to dry out to be mowed, and warmer temps would make porch sitting much more enjoyable.

May: Garden Planting, Garage Sale Season, Planned Vacation, Robins Nest, Broken Ankle, and Birthday Eyelashes.


Slowly over the last two weeks I’ve been planting the vegetable, and herb garden between the bouts of rain. We’ve had the craziest weather, it will rain buckets for a few hours, let up for a few, and then continue the downpour again. It’s making lawn mowing almost impossible. With cool temps and continued precipitation I’ve been mowing every 3 days. Let me tell you it’s almost impossible to do. I mow about 5-6 acres of lawn between the two houses we own so mowings no quick task. Somehow I’ve kept up but many folk have to work specific hours and their lawns are looking like hay fields right about now. I’m lucky and work from home so I can do my chores when I want too.

Raised Bed Garden

I feared the garden would never germinate with the lack of sun but just yesterday the last of my seeds sprouted (you can see here what I plant from seed and what I plant from starter plants). This pic is a peak of what the garden looks like this year and I’ll be back to share more pics with you later. Hubby helped me make the trellises and the garden Tuteurs to add this year and I like the look of the vertical sculptures. It tends to add more interest and I’m hoping the peas and cucumbers use the trellis to climb. Picking will be easier on this girls back if I don’t have to bend over as much.

Snow on the Mountain Landscape Plant

Speaking of bending over, I was talking to my BFF and said, “Remember the days when we used to plant the entire garden in one day without our back aching”. Well that’s not the case anymore. It took me 2 weeks to get it all planted this year. I’m not sure if I’m just not in a rush or I need more time to rest my back. I hate to think I’m getting old or lazy, lol.

Country Stream | Pure Michigan | Country Living | | | | #Michigan #CountryLiving


Does anyone else look forward to hitting garage sales like I do? I actually keep a running list on my phone of things I’m looking for at sales. So many things can be found at terrific prices so why buy new? My most looked for items is furniture pieces made from real wood. It’s hard to find anything new made from the good stuff these days everything’s pressed board and doesn’t stand the test of time.

Countryside | Grazing Cattle | Pure Michigan | Country Living | | | | #Michigan #CountryLiving

My favorite way to garage sale is all city events. I like to park and walk door to door and hunt treasures. It feels like a fulfilling day when I can go from one place to another rather than hitting one sale here and there on random days. I have my favorite towns to hit too. I call them the rich people’s homes. They seem to buy quality things, get rid of them often, and sell them dirt-cheap.

Countryside | Silos | Pure Michigan | Country Living | | | | #Michigan #CountryLiving


It seems like hubby and I have the hardest time planning vacations. When you own the business it seems like you can never be away from it and have things go smoothly but our oldest is working at taking it over so hubby and I decided we’d plan a little time for ourselves. It looks like we’ll have something going every weekend in July. We won’t go far, just local things that we can do in Michigan but it will be a get away for us. I had to plan it around having the meat chickens butchered if you can believe that. Someone has to be home to feed and water them so our vacations are being planned around a bunch of chickens.

Countryside | Wild Mustard Field | Pure Michigan | Country Living | | | | #Michigan #CountryLiving


You all know one of my favorite spots in our home is the front porch but right now a Robin occupies it. She happened to build her nest right outside the entrance door and I hate to disturb her while she sets on her eggs so no porch using right now. I don’t know how many times I go to use that door and then remember she’s out there so I use the other entrance. I sure wish those babies would hatch, grow up, and fly the nest so I can have my porch back.

Robins Nest, Birdhouse, Boston Fern, Shutter, Log Home


If you’ve been following me for a while you know my son and his fiancé bought a barn last fall that they’re converting to a home. Two weeks ago my son was digging the drain field and stepped out of the excavator just right, rolled his ankle, and broke it. I seen him go down and knew right away something was wrong so I calmly went out to ask him if he was ok. He said he though his ankle was broke but he didn’t have time to deal with it he had digging to do. So he worked and walked on it the remainder that day until he couldn’t stand on it any longer. He drove himself to urgent care where they x-rayed it and sure enough his ankle was broke.

Broken Robins Egg

Wow the medical field sure has changed over the years. All they did was put a boot on it and said seek an orthopedic surgeon. Luckily his fiancé is the nurse for an orthopedic surgeon and he was able to read the x-ray the next morning for us. He said to keep the boot on it for 3-4 weeks and put weight on it as he could tolerate it. Well he’s just like his Dad and went back to work the next day, and I’ve never heard him say another thing about it. No other follow up is needed unless it gives him trouble.

Baby Robin Birds


And lastly I’m going to treat myself for my birthday (in a few days) to eyelash extensions. I’ve used all kinds of serums for growing them long, and they do work, but I get tired of applying it on a nightly basis. I’ve used falsies periodically too and they look fantastic but once again it’s a hassle. I love my lash extension mascara from Thrive Causmetics too but I’m wearing less makeup these days and I want to go a little more natural for the summer. I’m thinking lash extensions, and a bit of natural lip-gloss is the look I’m going for. I’m not one to ever go out of the house without makeup on so I’m hoping just a neutral lip and long lashes will be enough for me. If I’m going somewhere more important than just out to feed the chickens I’ll throw on a little spray foundation too. So wish me luck with my new look. I think it will be freeing and make my morning routine a quicker process.

Red Barn | Grazing Cattle | Pure Michigan | Country Living | | | | #Michigan #CountryLiving


That’s the entire happening in my neck of the woods for the month of May. Until next time take care and thank you for spending the time talking till dawn with me today!




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  1. I love reading about what’s going on. Hope weather improves soon. Were over 100 here 4 days in a row now. Love all your pictures very pretty.

    1. Judy, 100 how miserable; I’m afraid I’d melt. My favorite temps if 72-75 with a breeze and zero humidity if it gets much hotter than that I hate it.

  2. thanks for your lovely update, Dawn! you certainly do have some beautiful scenery there like I do here in Ohio! I can understand the back bending business of gardening and it is no fun. It’s hard to imagine how much physical labor our forefathers and mothers did every day in the olden days! take care!

    1. Yes Ohio is very similar to Michigan. I’m sure our forefathers were in much better shape than I am, that’s for sure. Life is to easy now days when it comes to having everything at our fingertips.

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