Talk Till Dawn – 21

Creative Cain Cabin's Talk Till Dawn Series

I’m excited to share with you a new series I’m starting called, “Talk Till Dawn”, I want this to be about my everyday life, the things I’m reading, eating, my everyday ups and down, along with photos that I’ve taken over the week.

My life and home is far from perfect even though I always share with you pretty home decor picture. Now from time to time I’ll give you a look at how things can get out of control like everyone else’s life.

Old Mill

So lets get caught up on all that’s happened this month. By the way can you believe September is over already? Our days are getting shorter and it’s sweater and boot weather here in MIchigan. Fall is truly my favorite season of them all. I love all the layers I can create out of my wardrobe and lets face it those layers help hid all the humps and bumps that come along with age. 

Speaking of layers; I’ve been on a mission in my closet. I really have to many things and seem to wear the same stuff over and over again so why keep what’s not being worn? I also only wear certain colors; which makes it easier when mixing and matching to come up with new outfits. 

So here’s where I’m going with this. I’m trying to pair down my closet to 40 pieces and let me tell you its hard, very hard. Especially when I wear pants, skits, and dresses on a regular basis. I know many people only wear skits and dresses for special occasions but not me I love the boho look I can get with these things. I’m veering off here for a minute to ask if you’d like to see pics of me in any of my outfits? 

Now I have to ask if I should consider leggings as part of those 40 pieces? I do wear them during the day sometimes but I mostly wear them to sleep in and I have several pair. I like to wash them together in one load on gentle so it takes a lot of leggings to make up a load, hence having so many pair. 

I’ve taken 3 big boxes of clothing from my closet and donated them and every few days I revisit it looking to see if anything else can go. Hopefully as the season progresses more pieces will find there way into that box. Now mind you the 40 pieces I’m talking about are fall and winter pieces. I’ll need 40 more for spring and summer. Here in Michigan we have a wide range of temperatures and need different types of clothing. 

Little House on the Prairie Book Series

I’ve also been on the lookout while garage saleing for vintage children’s books. You know the type that had meaning with good Christian family values. As they come to mind I jot the titles down on my ongoing phone list. Hubby and I came across a garage sale that did’t look to inviting but we stopped anyway and to my surprise I found part of the Little House on the Prairie series. It was on my list and made me so happy to find it. 

My oldest Son is getting married next fall and planning on starting a family soon after that so I’m preparing and looking forward to reading these to a grandchild someday. 

9/11 Memory
9/11 Fallen Firefighters

Speaking of my Son here’s a photo of him from 9/11. In honor of the fallen firemen and first responders he climbed 110 flights of stairs, just like in the twin towers, in full gear carrying two fallen firefighters as a remembrance. It sure makes this mamas heart full when I realize what a good and caring man he’s turned out to be. 

2019 Chevy Trail Boss

Something exciting for me was buying a new truck two weeks ago. My Jeep is 13 years old and I’ve procrastinated long enough with replacing it so I took the plunge and made the purchase. If you remember I bought my Moms car after she passed and had it shipped from Florida to Michigan but it just wasn’t my thing. I live on a dirt road in the country and more often then not I need a 4 wheel drive vehicle. So my brother bought the car from me for one of his boys which spurred me on to buy something new. 


And lastly as the sunflower blooms fade in the garden I’ve been harvesting the seeds to share with friend and family as well as keeping a big portion to plant and use at my Sons wedding next year.

I normally just buy new seeds every year but I felt motivated to keep what I had this year. Tell me if you do this too do you have success with the seeds germinating?

Until next time take care and thank you for spending the time talking till dawn with me today!

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  1. Yay fall! Loving the cooler temps. My book suggestion would be A Charlie Brown Christmas and It’s The Great Pumpkin. Right now the first is at Kohl’s and the second I believe is at Walmart. Believe it or not they are celebrating 50 years. I know because I’m buying them in the hopes of having grandchildren someday.

    1. Barb, thanks for the book advice when I go to town this week I’ll stop in to both places and see what I can find.

  2. You are so right to start early on gathering goodies for those precious grandbabies. Spend all the time you can with them and do all the things you’ve dreamed of with them, because babies don’t keep! But then they become mischievous toddlers and you can enjoy them even more- grandparents can have fun joining in their antics and adventures and then sending them home to the parents, completely spoiled!
    If you would, I and I’m sure others would like to see your book list. Sounds appropriate and interesting
    You will enjoy that truck. Living in the country is no fun when you are tackling it with city equipment.
    Thanks to your son for honoring the 9/11 first responders. Is he also a firefighter? That profession ranks right at the top for requiring courage and selflessness.
    I’m unable to garden like I used to, but I did save seeds of plants like sunflowers. Next season, plant them as soon as you can, and if they don’t geminate or look vigorous, you will have time to buy seed and plant in time to have flowers for the wedding.
    Enjoyed your post. Thanks!

    1. Pat, The things I look forward to doing with grand kids is cooking and baking with them, teaching them to sew, and just taking long walks and enjoying nature: NO tv or things like that. My son learned how to sew when he was young and I think its a good thing to know. I will get my book list around and put it in the next episode, I’ll make it printable for anyone else who’s interested. I went from a truck to a Jeep and now back to a truck, cars just don’t work here in the country. When I want a bale of straw I like to go get it and not have to wait for hubby’s truck to do it. Yes my son is a firefighter and an EMT and will soon be studying to be a trauma nurse. Good advice about the sunflowers seeds I will do that for sure.

  3. I wouldn’t count the leggings. Most sites say don’t include exercise and sleep wear in your count. I would go through and pare them down (e.g. holes, stretched out). Make your own rules:)
    I’m always trying to go through my clothes and it’s crazy hard! I’m in Southern California, so no real heavy winter clothes needed here–just layering that I remove according to how the day’s weather goes and also due to those hot flashes;(
    Oh, and I haven’t had to buy new sunflower seeds for a few years. I grow the shorter, colored variety (2-3+ feet tall).
    Thank you for your posts!

    1. Sandra, Good to know that saving my sunflowers seeds will work for next year. I see the trend now is to distress and rip holes in the knees of leggings. I have several pair I had to get rid of because of weight loss, which seemed odd to me I think of leggings as a one size fits all kind of piece.

  4. Yes, we are in fall weather now..not my favorite. The hotter, the better for me!! lol A good looking chevy truck!! Hubby is a chevy guy….yes, lets see you in some of your dresses!!

    1. Jeanie, I’m just the opposite I hate hot weather I’m certainly not a beach bum that’s for sure but that may change as I age it seems to for most as they reach retirement age. Funny thing is hubby went and bought a new truck two days after I bought mine, but he’s a Ford guy.

  5. We are definitely in full fall mode here on the east coast of Canada! I took the dog for a walk this morning…and near froze to death. I wasn’t dressed near warm enough…and I know better! Lesson learned.
    My go to pants are jeggings – stretch denim…super comfortable and can be worn with anything…from long hoodies to sweaters and vests…I tend to wear long boho style dresses with opaque tights & boots.
    My daughter & her husband are expecting…March 2020! I’ve requested he/she be born on my birthday (as I was born on my grandmother’s birthday)…they’ve assured me that will take that under advisement. After four miscarriages…we put our faith in God…and he answered our prayers. We have three grand daughters from my oldest daughter…so pink is all I know!! A gender reveal for the parents and grandparents will take place in November. Then…let the shopping begin!! Congratulations to your son on his achievements…and his upcoming marriage!! How have our children grown…yet we stay so young??

    1. Charlotte, I love reading your comment today 🙂 Now my Mom was just the opposite she only had boy grand babies and always wanted a little girl. I’m so happy for you and your daughter bringing a new one into the world. I’d love to see your bobo outfits and get some good ideas. It sure is tough weeding down my closet but it’s also freeing. Yes I agree I still feel young I actually tell everyone I’m 29 LOL, my family just goes with it and expects me to throw that age out there.

  6. barbara t whitaker says:

    Love your blog; directed there thru Town and Country “why I live here” and loved your photos of your son. We can’t let our hearts/minds forget 9/11; and pray daily for our country to survive. Crazy times so a blogger story is so welcoming.

    1. Barbara, Oh I’m so glad to meet you; welcome to the cabin. I agree the times we live in are Godless what’s supposed to be right is said to be wrong and vise versa. I pray every day for our country and it’s leaders to turn back to God. Allow Him back into our school systems and our lives.

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