Talk Till Dawn – 23

Creative Cain Cabin's Talk Till Dawn Series

I’m excited to share with you a new series I’m starting called, “Talk Till Dawn”, I want this to be about my everyday life, the things I’m reading, eating, my everyday ups and down, along with photos that I’ve taken over the week.

My life and home is far from perfect even though I always share with you pretty home decor picture. Now from time to time I’ll give you a look at how things can get out of control like everyone else’s life.

Pine Garland, Log Home

Wow! All of a sudden I realized the month was over and I’d better get after writing about Novembers happenings. First off how was all you American folks Thanksgiving? It was uneventful here at the cabin, just hubby and I this year.

My oldest and his fiancé had dinner with her family; my youngest went north and had dinner with his family (if you’re new here that probably sounds funny, but we adopted one of my oldest sons friends after his mom passed away so he still has another family that lives further north).

Vintage Red Wagon, Christmas Tree

I made a 20-pound turkey; hubby loves leftover turkey sandwiches so he’ll eat it up, one box of Stovetop stuffing, Bob Evans mashed potatoes, and roasted winter squash from the garden. Now that I read that I sound horrible.

I have to say the older I get the easier I like to make things on myself. I figured hubby was fine with me not making things from scratch so why go to all that work? Oh and I did make three pumpkin pie for dessert.  I know that sounds like a lot but the boys came home and devoured them later so I’m glad I did.

Fresh Christmas Garland on the Railing of a Rustic Log Home, See How To Preserve Pine Garland To Last Through The Christmas Season

I’m planning on dragging all the Christmas ornaments up from the basement this weekend and going through them. I’ll give the firefighter ones to my oldest and his fiancé for their tree and everything else I don’t want will either be sold or donated.  I’ll post them on FB Marketplace for a few days and if I don’t get any response off they’ll go to our local Hospice retail store.

Rustic Log Cabin Christmas Decor Using Black and White Buffalo Check Paired With Green. Wood Tones, Deer Antlers, Galvanized Metal, Natural Decor

Once I decide to weed out I don’t want that stuff hanging around any longer. Anyone else like that? I just don’t want to store it or look at it ever again. My MIL took all the red and green ornaments off my hands last year. She had a craft project she was making so I told her not to buy any she could shop my stash first.

Every year I normally do a different color and theme but not anymore you’re going to be seeing the same stuff used in different ways instead. I already have a few ideas floating around in my head of ways to reuse things in all those Christmas totes.

DIY Christmas Window Treatment Using Clear Glass Ornaments and Pine Clippings Hung From a Curtain Rod With Ribbon

I finally decided I had to come to terms with needing to wear glasses. I made an appointment, picked out a pair (which is a huge job by the way), picked them up and realized I couldn’t see any better with glasses. The prescription seems too strong in one eye and makes me a little queasy to wear them. I ended up taking them back and have another appointment to see what needs to be changed.

What a pain; I’m not big on doctors of any kind anyway and now this. I paid for them so I know I need to get them right but as I sit there I’m thinking of so many other things I could be doing other than trying to decided if I can see better with #1, or #2.  I don’t seem to have much patience with things like that.

Author of Creative Cain Cabin

Granny I have been out running the streets. She likes to go out to eat once a week, normally to McDonald’s but this week we went to Olive Garden. I let her run the show and we do what she wants to do. Its good alone time with her she tells me all kinds of tales from when she was younger. It’s always a hoot when I’m with her, her mind is in tip top shape, she’s still a fashionista and turns heads still at her age.

Grama Red

Well I guess I’ve procrastinated long enough those Christmas decorations aren’t going to put themselves up so I better get on it. Until next time take care and thank you for spending the time talking till dawn with me today!

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  1. Cheryl Major says:

    Dawn, your glasses are really cute. Lord, don’t you hate spending your time doing something only to find out that it is wrong and has to be redone!?!? I too have been purging Christmas décor and such. Why do we hang on to this stuff for ever ?? It feels so good to let the stuff go. Have a great week.

    1. Thanks Cheryl I like the glasses too 🙂 I have no idea why I hang on to things. I go in phases and for the last few years I don’t decorate with traditional colors so I weeded them out of my stash and only kept neutrals. As soon as my oldest has his house finished and moves out the great purge will begin so hubby and I can downsize and move.

  2. I did not know you had an adopted Son…how nice…It does take some getting use to with real glasses opposed to the readers…..Love your longer hair on you and the glasses are a good fit for you. I also am going to go through my Christmas ornaments this week end and donate some

    1. Jeanie, My ornaments are all sorted and sitting in boxes waiting for someone to pick them up. If they don’t soon they will be going to the hospice store for donation. Yes we adopted our youngest when he was 13 after his mom died. I have done posts on him, he’s the one who was in the accident and had a traumatic brain injury.

  3. Your choice of glasses was spot on. They look great on you. Don’t be so impatient with getting the prescription right. Both eyes do not require correction equally. My right eye is a completely different prescription from my left and I’ve been extremely nearsighted since childhood. Also, it takes time for our brains to adjust and if you have bi-focal lenses, it’s even more of an adjustment. You only get one pair of eyes, so respect and appreciate them and be thankful for modern day eye correction and the doctors who practice it. If not for that, I would not be able to drive or function normally outside of my home.

    1. Thank you Pat it is so hard picking out glasses by myself, I used to always go with my Mom and help her decide on hers. I took my glasses back today and they are changing the prescription in one eye hopefully that does the trick. My vision is still very good it only needed a .25 correction but it’s just enough to be noticeable. My hubby had lasik done 20 years ago and hasn’t needed glasses since. I may do that if mine get worse but the doc said the thought mine would actually get better with age.

  4. Hi Dawn ,
    i love the greenery in the clear ornaments , i may do that at our kitchen window .
    also I love your glasses , holy smokes , your picture looks amazing ! remember when you did posts on different outfits you wore for the week ? i enjoyed those .
    please tell your beautiful Grandmother to have a very merry Christmas .

    1. Kathy, Thanks so much for stopping by, I will pass the message on to Granny 🙂 Thank you for thinking of her. Yes I need to do some more outfit posts but I’m pretty boring these days with what I wear, LOL.

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