Talk Till Dawn 28

Creative Cain Cabin's Talk Till Dawn Series

I’m excited to share with you a new series I’m starting called, “Talk Till Dawn”, I want this to be about my everyday life, the things I’m reading, eating, my everyday ups and down, along with photos that I’ve taken over the week.

My life and home is far from perfect even though I always share with you pretty home decor picture. Now from time to time I’ll give you a look at how things can get out of control like everyone else’s life.

Rustic Garden Ideas

I can’t believe another month is over and it’s time to give you an update of what I’ve been doing. Most of you know I’ve been adding a daily diary to the end of my regular posts during the virus. That being said I don’t feel like I have much to add, but I’ll give it a go and see what comes to mind.

Rustic Garden Ideas

One of the hardest things I’ve struggled with over the month is worry. I’ve worried about others in our community having enough food to eat. Most people are proud and won’t let others know if they are in need. I’ve prayed about it, asking God to put someone in my path that may be struggling with food shortage. So far that hasn’t happened but I will keep my heart and eyes open. The community I live in is poor by most standards; many are farmers so they do have the means and access to a food source but I’m not sure about money.

Rustic Garden Ideas

I know many in my neck of the woods are living on unemployment, as the rest of the country is, but many still are trying to navigate the system to receive those funds without any luck. With all that’s happening I wonder how the average person is living; is it off their savings? How much do they have stashed away? How many months would one need to maintain all their bills and needs for a prolonged period of time? I know many or most live paycheck to paycheck.


With living so remote we do take care of our own like the good old days. Our school system doesn’t conduct online classes so the bus drivers are taking homework to and from each house on a weekly basis and also delivering two meals a day to the kids. This just warms my heart and make small town living all the more desirable.

Rustic Garden

What have you learned thought this all, and what will you be changing in your life and home to prepare for future unwanted circumstances? Until next time take care and thank you for spending the time talking till dawn with me today!

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  1. Nancy Cox says:

    I, like you, have looked for someone I need to help. Just this week someone from church sent out a request for gift cards or cash to help a member of our church that has lost their job and the wife has no job either . The response from about 15 people was amazing. It’s so good to have a church or neighborhood family. Thankful to the good Lord that we are able to help.

    1. Nancy, I agree I’m grateful we can help and have enough for ourselves. I’ll call our township and see where there is a need, maybe they can put me in touch with someone.

  2. We, too, were looking for someone to bless, but personally didn’t have any leads on anyone. We have a wonderful Senior Center here that cooks and serves hot lunches daily, costing $2.00, to call-ins. They will also go grocery shopping for area seniors and have them delivered by volunteers plus some other things they are doing now. They have been serving about 200 seniors a day, so we decided to donate money to help them do the excellent job they are doing. We also donated money to a local food pantry so they could purchase more for their bucks than we can. Our community has really responded and helped out so many during this time and it was just our way of saying thank you for a good job well done! Another thing we did was to be sure to continually support our church financially during this time because the bills still need to be paid. We will get through this because everyone comes together. Take care!

    1. All such good idea. I didn’t think of still gifting money to churches that are no longer open. At some point they do have bills coming in with no means to pay them. Thank you for all that you are doing in your community, it warms my heart 🙂

  3. Cheryl Major says:

    Dawn, I too have also worried but what all this will mean financially in the weeks to come to others and myself and how it will effect each of us. I have been doing what I can for others, baking bread and making home made soup and dropping it off for others that I think could benefit.
    Even though we live mins from the nearest town, our children’s school lessons are all done online. That is so cool that your bus driver picks up and delivers lessons. Our grocery stores are still not supplied with all the groceries , but we do have access to enough food so that is good.
    I continue to pray and have hope. I look forward to your updates.
    Have a wonderful week.

    1. Cheryl, you are so lucky to still have work. We also are working and have savings so we are blessed. I called hubby from the grocery store this week and told him Im afraid Im going to sit down in the middle of the isle and cry, the shelves were bare. I felt like I was no longer in the USA. It’s all scary when food is a shortage.

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