Talk Till Dawn – 38

Talk Till Dawn

This is a monthly series where I catch up on what my everyday life is like outside the blog. I share some not so pretty photos, some of life’s ups, some of life’s downs, but overall it’s a spot where I can be me and connect with my readers. I’m so happy you are hear and your comments keep me encouraged to carry on. So lets get started with what I’ve been up to.

Wow I’m really late getting my February update out. Sure wasn’t much to talk about. The weather was horrible; no sunshine, snow, cold, muddy, you name it if it was miserable we had it. On a brighter note it’s starting to make the turn into spring now; so that makes me happy.

I’m looking forward to hanging laundry out on the line again, getting my garden going, and seeing the sunshine. I did purchase a new bike, I made sure I did that as soon as they were in the stores. Bikes are a hot commodity since the pandemic. I wanted a new one last year but there were none to be had. My current granny bike is a get on an peddle type and I’ve had it for two years. I wanted to upgrade to a bike with gears so I get a better workout so I purchased a 7 speed. I went back a week later to buy 2 kids bikes for the church Easter party and the bike area was wiped clean. I did get two but it was slim pickings.

I’ve had the strangest thing going on with animals at our place. I had a one eared rabbit eating herbs out of my whiskey barrel planter one evening and a few days later I had a one legged pigeon sitting on the deck rail. I noticed the rabbit out my office window and the more I watched it I kept thinking something didn’t look right with his ears or lack of. I was trying not to scare it off so I went to the bathroom window to get a better look. I couldn’t see much better but I definitely could tell it was missing an ear. It didn’t look like it was an injury just a deformity. I did snap a picture of it; it’s through the screen so it’s not good at all but when I zoomed in I could see just a tiny ear on the one side that laid down on it’s head.

About the pigeon; I’ve never seen on in my neck of the woods I actually had google it to see what it was. I though pigeons were a city bird but apparently they will nest in barns in the country. Any who it landed on the deck rail ad was there for quite some time before I started investigating. I could walk right up to the window and it didn’t fly away and it also struggled when it tried to move. After it sitting the for 4 hours I got my plan around. I was going to add some pine shaving from the coop to a box and put the pigeon it in on the porch along with some birdseed and water. I figured if it was still there in the morning I’d try and find a shelter to take it to. So I gathered all the thing I needed; along with a towel to grab the bird with, went out to the deck, and just as I went to grab it it tried to stand up and fly. That’s when I noticed it only had one leg. There was no blood so I’m assuming it wasn’t a recent injury but with all the commotion it did find a way to fly up to the roof of the house and I haven’t seen it since.

These type of things always seem to happen to me when it comes to animals. If you’ve followed me for long you know I have a mama deer that has her baby every year and brings it right up to the cabin for safe keeping as she leaves for the day. It never fails she does it on mowing day and I have to postpone cutting the grass because I’m babysitting a deer. Also when I sit on the porch in the summer with my laptop open I often have birds sit on the open top and just look at me. The first time it happened it startled me and it was hard to stay still but now I’m used to it happening.

Ya all know I lost my Granny in January and I can’t tell you how many times I think of things to remember to tell her only to realize she’s gone. I did the same thing when my Mom passed and it lasted for almost a year. Funny how our minds can get distracted to forget only to be shocked back into reality of the loss.

Thank you all for taking the time to read today and I always enjoy reading everyone’s comments. God Bless, Stay Safe, and Enjoy Your Day 🙂

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  1. What a pretty piegion and that’s so funny about the deer. The animals must know your a good person. Gonna take a while to get over granny especially since you were so close. I think our minds always go back and think of those we have lost. The german shepherd in your picture is gorgeous. We always had them growing up.
    Enjoy your day Dawn.

    1. Judy, That darn dog thinks he’s my helper and he was insistent on carrying the shovel for me. I tell him all the time he’s of no help at all, LOL.

  2. Love the animal story! I am a bird feeder all year round and last week the red wing black birds came back We have not seen any Robins yet..

    1. Jeanie, now that you mention it I haven’t seen any Robins yet either. I’m going to have to watch my feeder and see what’s showing up. I recently had a squirrel find my feeder and I never see them in my neck of the woods.

  3. Good morning, Dawn. That pigeon looks pretty healthy. I don’t think it’s missed too many meals. Animals must know your kind heart will allow them to just be. Keep talking to Granny Red. Tell her those things you remember you want to say to her. She’ll hear you and she’s with you. My granny passed nearly fifty years ago. I hear her laughter all the time, and whenever I make chicken and dumplings, I invite her into my kitchen to guide my hands. Have a blessed day. Always a pleasure reading your posts.

    1. Linda, I thought the same about the pigeon, he is huge. Aw I love your story about your granny. I will have to do the same to keep her memory alive. I sure do miss talking to her but I know with time that will get easier.

  4. Grace Thomas says:

    Funny about the animals. they obviously feel safe with you. I ride bikes with my husband in the summer (we live in western PA) on a rails to trails, averaging 20 m/day. Remember, bike stores can always adjust handlebars, seats to make you more comfortable. and a tip, when you ride, your leg should be slightly bent when it is fully extended straight up and down (you’ll be on your tiptoes when you’re on your seat and you put your foot on the ground). We see so many people riding and their legs are really bent and aren’t fully extended and they are having to work so hard to pedal. and of course wear a helmet 🙂 Bike riding weather is coming. 🙂

    1. Grace, I want to ride bikes with you, wow 20 miles is wonderful. Thanks for the tips, I will have to sit on my bike and see what position my legs are in when I ride. Good to know 🙂

  5. Grace Thomas says:

    love your dog, Shepards are my fav breed.

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