Talk Till Dawn – 41

Talk Till Dawn

This is a monthly series where I catch up on what my everyday life is like outside the blog. I share some not so pretty photos, some of life’s ups, some of life’s downs, but overall it’s a spot where I can be me and connect with my readers. I’m so happy you are here and your comments keep me encouraged to carry on. So let’s get started with what I’ve been up to.

Container Garden

Another month ticked off, and I don’t have anything exciting to report but I will give you a recap of my month. If you missed my meat chicken post you can see that here. I took 10 of the 25 chickens in to be butchered last week and I’ll be taking more in this week. I think the following week the last of them can go in and I’ll be done with raising chickens for the freezer for another year. I had to laugh I called the Amish family that butchers for me and scheduled my drop off time; later that night they called and said they’d have to reschedule their plucker broke down. I had to laugh, now that’s not something you hear every day; “The Plucker Breaking Down”. With the rising cost of food I’m very thankful I have a freezer stocked with a farm raised meat supply and the garden is thriving so I’ll put up veggies once they start producing.

Speaking of the garden; wouldn’t you know it I planted much earlier than normal due to the warmer temps and we got one night of frost. I don’t watch the news but hubby said it was supposed to frost so I gathered up sheets and blankets to cover the garden for the night. I’m glad I did because we did get frost and I would have lost everything. I also created 5 loads of laundry for myself. I actually spent all day yesterday washing the sheets and blankets that covered the garden and got them out on the line to dry in batches. It’s all put away now but it felt like a waste of my time that’s for sure.

If you want a good laugh picture this: me falling in the chicken coop and my back side covered in poo. Yep it happened! It had rained overnight and I always go out between 5:30 and 6 to let the chickens out and feed and water for the day. I always wear Crocs on my feet since they’re easy to hose off and quick to slip on in the morning. Well let me tell you a wet coop ramp with poop on it and crocs don’t play well together. As I was leaving the coop my crocs slipped, down I went into the mud and poop and my butt and back was covered. Yuck! Luckily I didn’t squish any chickens on my way down. I went back into the house to change all my close and doctor my arm. When I went down I took the hide off from my elbow down my forearm. Ouch, it is painful and has that gooey oozy rug burn type injury. I’ve had to keep it bandaged for the past week but I think it’s on the mend now. I’m sure I was quite the site, and it all happened before 6 am. My neck and stomach hurt for the next 3 days, I can see why my neck hurt but I must have tightened my stomach muscles when I went down, and they got a workout, LOL. But here’s the best part. I was stupid enough to wear those crocks again and slipped down the ramp a second time that day. Luckily I caught myself but I can’t believe I almost did the same thing again.

I’ve been really excited with the garden this year. As you remember I started my seeds inside and it’s been rewarding to get them planted and watch them grow. I have blossoms on my peas, tomatoes, and pepper plants already and I’m harvesting onions. By getting things into the soil 3 weeks earlier than usually I’m hoping to also harvest earlier this year. I ended up adding some tomato plants along with marigolds to the pots on the back porch around the fire pit. I normally just do flowers so it looks pretty but I decide to make use of the space this year with food. I’ll do a post on it so you can see how I used the pots and made them look a little more like garden art.

Blooming Snowball Bush

I’ve also been watching all the birds make nests, lay eggs, and hatch baby birds on the front deck this year. Every year I have at least one bird nest on the deck but this year I had a Wren nest, Robin nest, and a Finch nest. The last baby Robin took flight yesterday and I was outside to see it all. The Robin had 3 eggs and my timing was just perfect this year I was out on the deck as every baby bird tested out it’s wings and flew away. It was great enjoyment watching the entire process.

We’ve also started fishing again. The first time we went out I caught 5 fish before hubby had caught anything. I finally asked him if he was going to help catch dinner or if I was going to do all the work. LOL. In all fairness he was spending most of his time getting my fish off my hook. We put the boat in and was out of the lake for about an hour and had caught enough fish for dinner that night. I was so happy to be fishing again. I could fish every day! Last year we went every weekend and also during the week and hubby’s golf game suffered because of it so I think this year he’s going to split his free time between both sports. I guess that means I’d better learn how to get the boat on and off the water myself, but that also means I’ll have to learn to clean the fish. I’m not so excited about that part.


Until next time, thank you for taking the time to Talk Till Dawn today. I also want you all to know I’ve been very appreciative with all the comments and concerned about my mental health. I’ve been spending more time in prayer about it and am getting better with letting God take care of it. Blessing All!

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  1. Lynda Ramage says:

    Being outside and yard work is my salvation. I don’t have chickens but had to laugh when you described your fall. At least you didn’t break anything or kill a chicken! Happy to read about your garden. Enjoy the fruits of your labor when it is in.

  2. Dawn, can sympathize with your late frost garden woes! We live in Michigan also, still, it seemed late for a frost! Our garden is not fenced, so I pray every morning when I check on it, that the critters have left it alone!

  3. I am sorry you fell. I do hope you feel better by now. I love all the rocks and greenery around your house. It must be wonderful to fish. I have never fished but I really want to do it. Also, watching birds nest sounds wonderful!

  4. Anita Roth says:

    I have never had much luck trying to start plants from seeds. Do you have some trick to get them going? Everything looks wonderful around your yard 🌺💐🐔🪴! Have a blessed day!

  5. Cheryl Major says:

    Hello Dawn,
    I always enjoy reading your updates and adventures. Your gardens and chickens look awesome. Your yard looks so well kept and tidy. Dang frost always adds so much work. I have 11 planters and had to bring them all in the house for 3 nights straight. The things we do for our plants and peace of mind. Have a good week..

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