Talk Till Dawn – 42

Talk Till Dawn

Wow it sure has been a long time since I’ve done a “Talk Till Dawn” post, and it’s hight time I start it up again. If you are new here my “Talk Till Dawn” posts are a deeper look into my everyday life and happenings. It’s where I give you a monthly update of what’s been happening around the cabin. So let’s get on with it!

Tomato Plant Starters

Let’s get this chat going! All throughout the week I keep notes in my journal of things that need to get done. Let’s face it if I don’t write it down it doesn’t happen. I need a list to remember all those ideas that are constantly running through my head. Plus I work better off a list. My Mama was a list maker and she organized her time very efficiently and one by one a tiny check mark appeared by each thing to do on her list. I must have inherited that trait from her.

So today it’s overcast and around 60 degrees out, that made it the perfect day to start hardening off my vegetable garden plants. I hauled out my tomato, pepper, and flower seed starters onto the deck so they could get some fresh air and a slight breeze to sturdy their stems up. This means I’m one step closer to planting time. I have until the end of the month before all signs of frost are gone in my neck of the woods but my starter plants are right on schedule and looking fantastic.

Humming bird feeder

The next item on my list was to make humming bird food and put out the feeder. The hummingbirds always appear Mothers Day weekend around here so I’m prepared now for them to show up. The last two years I’ve noticed a decrease in those tiny birds coming to my feeder and all I can think of is because there’s nothing red on it to attract them. I make my own feed and skip the red dye and my feeder is a beautiful clear glass one that I got years ago for Mothers Day and just adore. Anyone have any ideas why less birds are showing up?

Oriole Bird

I spotted an Oriole on my game camera yesterday so I added the last of the oranges floating around in the fridge crisper to my homemade junk oriole feeder, if you’d like to see that click here. Now just to wait for them. They’re more skittish than hummingbirds so I’ll have to keep an eye out for them. Hummers will come right to the feeder with me standing next to it but I’m not so lucky to have the Orioles do that.

Grass Seed

Three years ago I had hubby move several of my raised garden beds to a new location. The spot they were moved from has never filled in with grass. I figured eventually it would, but I was wrong. So today I picked up a pound of grass seed and scattered it around in that area. It’s the right time of the year for just enough rain that it should germinate without me having to give it a daily soaking. That is if the birds don’t pick it clean first.

Blueberry Bush

While I was picking up the seed at Family Farm and Home I noticed they had all their bare root bushes on clearance. I picked up 3 blueberry plants and added them to the landscape. With them being bare root I added a growth hormone to the roots and soil and with any luck they should take root. Hubby unloaded them from the truck for me and asked why I purchased dead sticks, LOL. I told him they’re supposed to look like that. I don’t think he really cares as long as he sees fresh blueberry at some point.

Seed Starting Soil

The last thing I did was go out on a limb and scattered some flower seeds in my pots on the porch. I know it’s not warm enough here yet but my hopes are they will germinate once it warms up. I’ll keep them under the porch roof so even if it frost they should be fine once they sprout. We will see, this is totally an experiment for me. I figured why wouldn’t it work, so many of my flowers self seed from year to year, so what’s the difference? I’ll report back on it!

Thank you all for taking the time to talk till dawn with me today! Have a wonderful week and come back on Saturday to see my raised bed garden design and what I’ll be growing.

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  1. Anne from Maryland says:

    I just planted my cosmos seeds today, in the rain. Thank you again for sending them!

    1. Anne, I’m so happy to hear you’ve had a chance to plant them. That warms my heart! Please share a photo when they bloom. I’d like to share everyones blooms here in a post.

  2. Anne from Maryland says:

    I will! And I truly enjoy your blog and your shares, such as your love of washing dishes, up cycling, and gardening tips. It’s not always about something new; sometimes the answer to creative problems is in our own homes. And thank you for sharing about your anxiety journey. Ditto!

  3. Hi Dawn,
    Isn’t this an exciting time of the year!!!! We are lucky enough to have hummers all year long but our orioles showed up about 3 weeks ago and I can hardly keep the feeders full 😉 ……..I have 8 of them right now but will move up to 10 by the time summer starts 🙂 My cosmos are busting out and I planted them with my zinnias, which are out as well, so I can hardly wait to see them blooming together 🙂 Your veggie seedlings look amazing!!! I have my last 20 or so plants hardening off, too. Should be in the ground with the rest of them this next week. Good luck with your flower seeds! Mine did not go well this year in pots but are doing great direct sown. Enjoy the season!

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