Talk Till Dawn – 5

I’m excited to share with you a new series I’m starting called, “Talk Till Dawn”, I want this to be about my everyday life, the things I’m reading, eating, my everyday ups and down, along with photos that I’ve taken over the week.

I haven’t decided yet how often this will be, right now I’m just going to get it going and see what comes of it. I encourage you to share with me similar situations and we can all support one another.

My life and home is far from perfect even though I always share with you pretty home decor picture. Now from time to time I’ll give you a look at how things can get out of control like everyone else’s life.

Orb Filled With Field Stone Surrounded With Summer Annuals In A Whiskey Barrel Wow this month is really getting away from me, I’ve been busier than I’d planned so let me fill you in on all the happenings.

It’s been crazy busy at the salon with all the proms and weddings so that’s been keeping me on my toes and it’s also been the start of wedding season. And YES Bridezillas do exist and I’ve experienced it first hand. All I can say is I feel sorry for the groom, I hope he knows what he’s getting himself into (ha ha).

My boys have also moved out. My oldest purchased a place, acreage with a barn on the property that he’s converting into a home. That’s always been my dream so I’m excited to be helping with that project. It’s going to be hard for me to let him make his own choices and stand back. But doesn’t he know I have all kinds of good ideas running around in this crazy head of mine, lol! It’s going to take great restraint on my part to wait and be asked for my opinion rather than me just throw it out there, but I’m determined to control myself.

Summer Flowers in Containers

Our youngest also started a new job and moved to the other side of the state so it’s been a little lonely around here. I do have to say I’m to that point in my life where I’m okay with my kids moving on, now I couldn’t have said that a year ago, but these changes are good and I feel like they’re both in the right place making the right choices in their lives.

I love them both but it’s time for hubby and I to be empty nesters and I feel good about the change. I’m looking forward to it being just the two of us in the home. I’m fortunate that both our boys still live nearby and we can see them every day if we’d like.

Patriotic Bike | Bike With Basket of Flowers | 4th of July |Red, White & Blue | Creative Cain Cabin

Anyone else finally get to the point where it’s okay to let the kids go and focus on yourself and your spouse again? It will be a change but I’ve already checked into taking some photography classes, I’ve let them know at work that I can put in more hours if need be, and I’m going to take painting classes. Wow that didn’t take long for it to be all about ME did it? LOL

Our weather here is so darn HOT and steamy. We jumped from spring to summer over night without any slow, gradual warm up. I’m not a tropical weather kind of girl so I’m really hating having the air on and not being able to spend any time outside. I’m mowing the lawn a 7am before the day heats up and waiting until the sun goes down in the evening to water my flowers. It’s even been too hot to use the fire pit. And lets talk about the mosquitos, they are monster size this year and out 24 hours a day. I’ve been using essential oils on my exposed skin when I’m outside to keep them away. It doesn’t do the best job, but I refuse to use OFF or anything like it. I hate the though of chemicals on my skin. Let’s just say I spend a lot of time swatting them away!

Summer Log Home Turquoise Porch | CreativeCainCabin.comIt’s hard to believe June will be this week. Where did May go? I’ll be back to show you the flowers on my front porch next week and share with you a few changes in the landscaping. 

Until next time take care and thank you for spending the time talking till dawn with me today!

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  1. Debbie Lorson says:

    I totally agree with the steamy weather. We went away to Colorado where we wore winter coats last week to the jungle weather in Missouri. We, too, are trying to adjust to being empty nesters and I have good days and bad days on this. I miss my daughter and all the girl chatter but they need to lead their own lives too. Still enjoy your blog. Take care.

    1. Debbie, I have all boys so not much chatter going on here, but I know I will miss them. My oldest is just down the road so I’ll be able to see him often and look forward to helping him convert the barn to a home.

  2. Loving the steamy weather so far!!! Empty nesting does take getting use to but it will be alright as it is your time to do for yourself now!!

    1. Jeanie we’ve had some horrible hot days! Ugh, I’m not liking it at all. I am looking forward to not having to cook as much with everyone out of the house though. Hubby and I can do our own thing and eat popcorn every night if we want too, lol

  3. Anita Roth says:

    I know how you feel about being empty nesters my husband and I are in that stage of life and enjoying it My youngest daughter and her husband live 4hrs away which I don’t really like especially when the grandkids come and my other 2daughters live close by I see them pretty much every week My husband at the end of year will semi retire so we have plans to do a lot of things Can’t wait?

    1. Anita I know hubby and I will enjoy our time alone again, it will just take some getting used too. No more looking at the clock to have dinner ready on time 🙂

  4. My empty nest never stayed empty for long and I raised two generations of kids due to a death in the family and addiction in another part. We’re working on the 3rd generation now and thankfully the path has only rocks in it but no more boulders.

    1. Jan you are wonder woman. How horrible about the way you’ve had to go about it thought. God is good and will have special plans for you one day 🙂

  5. Dear Dawn,
    I love your new blog, Talking til dawn.

    Mosquitoes, those pesky things. I’ve heard that Marigolds, basil, peppermint, lavender and several more plants repell mosquitoes.

    It’s been so hot here in Ok that the marigolds burned up. ?.

    I found the repellant plants on Pinterest and have found them to be helpful.

    Take care my friend.

    1. Paula, I will have to try those plants. May put a few pots around filled with just those things. Thanks for the advice.

  6. Your flowers and the different pots etc, etc, is fabulous. I love the creative way you displayed them. Thanks for sharing.

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