Talk Till Dawn – 8

I’m excited to share with you a new series I’m starting called, “Talk Till Dawn”, I want this to be about my everyday life, the things I’m reading, eating, my everyday ups and down, along with photos that I’ve taken over the week.

I haven’t decided yet how often this will be, right now I’m just going to get it going and see what comes of it. I encourage you to share with me similar situations and we can all support one another.

My life and home is far from perfect even though I always share with you pretty home decor picture. Now from time to time I’ll give you a look at how things can get out of control like everyone else’s life.

Gingham Tennis Shoes By Roxy

Wow another month has passed and I owe you a post about what’s been happening. First off I’m so over this weather we’ve been having here in Michigan, its hot and humid. I swear it’s like living in a tropical state and I’m not a hot weather girl at all. I’ve even been mowing the yard every 4 days, but it is a much easier task with my new zero turn lawn mower. I can’t believe I spent so many years mowing with just a regular riding mower. Never again will I go back to that type of contraption.

Barrel Of Flowers

I’ve decided to grow my hair out into a lob. Don’t ask me why, I don’t really look good in long hair but I am ready for a change so this is the look I’m going for. I still want to keep it dyed gray as long as it looks healthy with the extra length on it. So wish me luck, I so hate the grow out process but I am lucky that my hair grows fast. Working in a salon doesn’t work well when having bad hair days.

Growing Out a Pixie Cut

We’ve also been working on my son and girlfriends barn/home conversion every weekend. I can’t believe how far its come along. The entire outside is finished on the outside, it has new siding, windows, and doors added. Next the concrete floor is being cut out so the plumbing can be run, the electrical and interior walls built, and then the fun stuff begins.

Green Sea Glass, Galvanized Container, Black and White Buffalo Check, Distressed Dinner Plates, Black Concrete Countertop


A little girl talk here: I’m looking for something similar to a bra to wear at night under my T-shirt instead of a bra. There’s times you just want to whip that thing off but still need some support if someone happens to stop by unexpectedly. I’m wondering if anyone has tried a bralette, if so how do you like them?

Fall Porch Decor Using Apples, Herbs, and a Rustic Shipping Crate

Until next time take care and thank you for spending the time talking till dawn with me today!

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  1. Haha! Love the symbolism of the apples, the droopy basil, and the bra inquiry! I recommend a bralette or a looser-fitting sports bra (not the ace-bandaged immobility style). Nothing wrong with a little support, 24/7!

    I would love to see some photos of your son’s barn conversion, if he’s ok with that. I bet it looks amazing!

    C’mon, Autumn! We’re sweltering here in Missouri as well, even with the growing pumpkin displays and craft pumpkin beer everywhere.

  2. Laura Harrie says:

    Dawn, I love your honesty in this post! I so like your style!

  3. As a fellow Michigander I am loving the heat cause I know what is coming soon and I do not like the cold….I just got rid of my Bob which did not a thing for me and got your cut and I love it and have gotten so many compliments ..Maybe your Son will let you show us his place sometime….

  4. Debbie Lorson says:

    Good post Dawn and yes I have a bralette. They are way more comfortable than a sports bra when the over the shoulder boulder holder has to come off. Hope you try one out!!! : – )

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