Temporarily Out of Order

Last Friday we had a terrible storm and it took our Internet out.  I have made several frustrating calls to my provider and it seem there is no one that services our area. I wonder how they can sell a service and have no one to service it.  Makes no sense to me.
So, for now I will temporarily be out of commission, doing posts from a cell phone just won’t work out for long term. 
I have really missed reading every one’s blog posts and apologies if I haven’t answered your email comments. 
For now it looks like it will be at least 2 more weeks before things are operational.
I am extremely frustrated, as this Internet also runs our business.
I guess I will need to suck it up and quit complaining.  
I will be back as soon as I can, Thanks for being understanding:)

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  1. Oh- I hope they get it fixed soon, Dawn. That is just terrible. Happy Mother’s Day-xo Diana

  2. I will pray that it gets hooked up sooner especially for your business. Hopefully they are not billing you for the time you didn’t have service!

  3. That is awful Dawn. Good luck. Hopefully it will be sooner!!!!

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