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Thanksgiving Chalkboard Pumpkin

Chalkboard Pumpkin, Thanksgiving Pumpkin, Recycled Pumpkin, Upscale Pumpkin, Chalkboard ArtDon’t throw away that Halloween pumpkin yet, recycle it into a Thanksgiving Chalkboard Pumpkin to greet your guests as they arrive on Thanksgiving day! This is such an easy project to do, letting the black paint dry was the most time consuming portion of it all. 

Chalkboard Pumpkin, Thanksgiving Pumpkin, Recycled Pumpkin, Upscale Pumpkin, Chalkboard Art

It seems like Thanksgiving gets skipped over anymore.  We go from Halloween to Christmas and Turkey day get’s overlooked. Even in the department stores it’s a missed holiday, kinda sad in my opinion. 

Chalkboard Pumpkin, Thanksgiving Pumpkin, Recycled Pumpkin, Upscale Pumpkin, Chalkboard Art

Here’s what I did: rescue one of the exotic pumpkins I picked up to decorate our porch with for fall and recycle it into an outdoor Thanksgiving greeting sign. It’s easy peasy to do…..mask off the stem, spray paint with color of your choice (I picked black), hand letter a saying on it using a wide tip paint pen, and seal with clear spray paint. The project without dry time took all of 15 minutes to do and makes a statement sitting on the stacked rocks in our landscape design. It’s the perfect spot for everyone to see it when they drive up. 

Chalkboard Pumpkin, Thanksgiving Pumpkin, Recycled Pumpkin, Upscale Pumpkin, Chalkboard Art

If your looking for some creative lettering ideas here’s a few and don’t be afraid of having imperfect handwriting, make it unique and make it your own: 

  • Give Thanks
  • Happy Thanksgiving
  • Thanksgiving Blessings
  • Be Thankful
  • Blessed
  • Gather Together

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    1. I noticed your link with your name and am checking out your blog. Your annual girlfriend party sounds like so much fun and I love your cute ideas for the walking tacos and dessert bags. I’m now considering doing this with my family for one of the suppers when they’re home for Christmas this year.

    2. Thank you Kris 🙂 I think it’s my only Thanksgiving post for the year too!

  1. I love your idea, Dawn – so cute and a great way to reuse that cute pumpkin. I like to use my Scrabble trays and letters year round as part of my decor. Since it’s November, my theme is Thanksgiving. Now that my daughter is married and making a home for her and her husband, she uses the same words that I have on my trays – only she writes her words on small galvanized pails with mini chalkboards on them (they’re from their wedding reception). It’s one way she continues to stay connected with me. I think that’s so sweet of her. 🙂

    1. Aw Jen how sweet that you and your daughter do that and it’s great that she’s able to reuse some of those wedding things. I spent today removing fall from inside my house and getting Christmas things out to see what I have to work with. I even mowed the yard, that never happens in Michigan in November. We’re having such strange weather.

  2. love the pumpkin ideas, Dawn!! 53 here in Michigan in Nov and I will take it!!

  3. Re bypassing Thanksgiving.. I saw in a store “Happy Autumn Party”…ugh

  4. This was inspiring, for a not-too-talented-crafts-gal, and my pumpkins are spray painted, drying and awaiting my penmanship (fingers crossed, lol). I painted two large ones that I bought yesterday at Aldi’s for 49 cents each!! I plan to write “Give” on one, and “Thanks” on the other, or some other combination of Thanksgiving wording, and have them flank our front door. I might chicken out and have my eldest, graphic arts son do the lettering, ha.

    Thanks for the idea!!

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