Thanksgiving Printable

I bet you’re all scrambling to get those last minute things bought and prepared for your Thanksgiving meal, as I am. It will just be hubby, me and the boys this year at our house but we will go to the big family dinner over the weekend. It always amazes me how long it takes to prepare everything for that perfect meal and once people sit down it is over in 20 minutes and there you all sit staring at the mess in a turkey comatose state. Then don’t even mention dessert, everyone gives you that look like they couldn’t force another bite into their already stuffed stomachs. I think the favorite part for me is the leftovers, it means I don’t have to cook up another meal for a few days. How are you all spending Thanksgiving?


Thanksgiving Printable


Just click the artwork above and you will be taken to a page to download and print the FREE Thanksgiving Printable. 





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  1. Love the printable and the quote, Dawn. Don and I just made the decision yesterday NOT to have the traditional Thanksgiving meal. It’s only the two of us, we are vegetarians, so why bother? It’s rather freeing!


    1. Claudia we changed our menu for Christmas after my Dad left and went with lasagna instead of the traditional meal. It is so freeing and less work. Maybe you could make an eggplant lasagna for Thanksgiving?

  2. I love the printable as well as the others that you have so kindly shared with us! This is a very busy week around here because we have 3 birthdays to celebrate, as well. So I’m trying to put together a surprise Wizard of Oz party for our 6 year granddaughter for Thanksgiving eve. Oh what fun we’ll have! Hoping you have a great Thanksgiving with your loved ones!

    1. Susan, how fun to have a themed birthday party. I remember those days, now my boys just want cash. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving yourself:)

  3. I love your printable as well, Dawn!
    We froze leftovers from Canadian Thanksgiving, so
    the meals going to be a breeze here.
    I do remember those days that you’ve described,
    slaving in the kitchen for hours for a large family.
    Now I miss it!

    1. Kim, I make big meals every day we feed a lot of kids here so Thanksgiving is pretty easy except for all the baking.

  4. Happy Thanksgiving Dawn. Enjoy your quiet Thanksgiving with your hubby and boys and then the bigger family over the week end. I have a whole crew of family this year for Thanksgiving. We celebrate on Friday not Thursday with two of them being nurses and firefighters and are working on the actual Thanksgiving Thursday so we will all be together on Friday and then we do Christmas with my family that is in for Thanksgiving on Saturday. So it will be a whirlwind week and week end. Enjoy. the time goes so quickly.

    1. Kris, so glad you will have family around for Thanksgiving and Christmas. I think I will like it being small this year:) it is nice to not have to be ready at any particular time. It is freezing and windy here how about at your place?

  5. My sons are grown and in their 30’s but this is the first year that one of them will host! My oldest son got married in September but they live in a tiny apartment for now. So my youngest son is hosting in his house with not only most of our family but his girlfriend, her parents and some other “tag-alongs”. It’ll be a wonderful day! Happy Thanksgiving to you!

    1. Barbara, it sounds like a wonderful time. I think I will enjoy a small gathering that I have to cook for this year. I am lucky for the big family get together I only have to bring the sweet potatoes and a dessert.

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