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Thanksgiving Ideas

Thanksgiving Ideas | DIY | Crafts | Recipes | Home Decor | creativecaincabin.comThere’s no possible way that November is near. Where has the time gone? You know what that means……10 blogging friends are bringing you all sorts of ideas for Thanksgiving, everything from crafts, recipes, home decor and more. Scroll down and click on the thumbnails for some spectacular Thanksgiving inspiration and don’t forget to pin them to your favorite boards for later. 

Thanksgiving Scavenger Hunt Printable | creativecaincaibn.comI whipped a fun game for the whole family. No matter how old or young you are everyone can participate in a Scavenger Hunt. Divide up into 2 or more teams and see who can find the items on the list the fastest. On the photo below either right click and save to print or click the text below the print and download it to your computer. 

Now head on over and check out some of those fabulous ideas. 

Thanksgiving Scavenger Hunt Printable | creativecaincabin.comClick Here to Download the Thanksgiving Scavenger Hunt Printable


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  1. What a cute and fun idea. I love scavenger hunts.

    1. Kim, you should do it this year at your gathering.

  2. Love, love, love your scavenger hunt printable! I’m not sure if I’m hosting Thanksgiving this year, but if I am, I’m doing a scavenger hunt! Pinning!

    1. That would be fun Jane, and you and Leo could give away a fun prize at the end maybe something home canned from your garden.

    1. Thanks Kris, there may be snow on the ground here by that time…. making a scavenger hunt ever harder LOL

  3. Dawn, what a fun idea! I am going to use this. We are all adults right now and no children, but my 20 something kids will love this! I think I’ll even include a little prize!!! You are the best!

    1. Yvonne, you will all have a great time doing it and a prize will be great 🙂

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