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Thanksgiving Table

A Thanksgiving Table done up with things I already have on hand.
 First I started with a drop cloth as my table cloth.
Then layered random dish towels as runners between the dinner plates.
Went out onto my porch and retrieved the chalkboard to write the menu on.
Threw in a few pinecones and 2 small trees in the chalk holder.
 Cut some bittersweet from the side of the road and placed it into a glass bowl.
Then start layering.
The dinner plates are from Target and I already had them.
The salad plates are from Pier 1 and they were purchased on clearance last week.
The mini pumpkins were rescued from my Halloween decor and the pool basket has all the silver flatware in it.
The pine cones were gathered from the yard.
The brown napkins are from O.Co and they are the perfect color for every occasion because they don’t show stains.
The drinking glasses I have had for years and use them for every party.
It’s nice to just use what you have, without a plan in mind it normally looks very eclectic and charming.  It feel like the pieces were gathered over time.
How do you decorate your Thanksgiving Table?
Stop in Here and see the kids Thanksgiving table.
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  1. That table is so lovely–the bittersweet branches are my favorite with the pinecones.

  2. It looks so beautiful Dawn. I love the way everything came together and it perfectly suits a Thanksgiving in a log cabin…swoon worth for sure. Patty

  3. Beautiful. Earthy. Natural. Rustic. Homey. Comforting.

  4. Gorgeous! I love that you used things you had on hand. LOVE the chalboard with the menu…and those little green plates!
    No tablescape decorating for me…I finally thought this was my hear to have Thanksgiving at our house…but apparently not! I’ve never gotten to host…so regardless…it’s at our house next year…even if it’s only the 3 of us!

  5. Dawn, that is just beautiful. I’m coming to your house for TG 😉 A lady blatantly stole ‘my’ bittersweet this year… in front of my house, no less. I saw her. Next year I’ll be quicker than her.. lol! Thanks for sharing your gorgeous table and ideas and inspiration. Always wonderful. Have a great weekend. -Tammy

  6. Hi Dawn,
    Your Thanksgiving table is lovely, very eclectic. I love it, so perfect for a log house!
    We enjoy Thanksgiving in October here in Canada and I can’t even remember how I decorated it.
    Hugs, Cindy

  7. Dawn- I love your creative use of natural materials- just seems more welcoming and beautiful.

  8. Wish I had some of that bittersweet growing around here! It is so pretty in that big jug that I love! And I love that chalkboard! I have a chalkboard on the wall in my kitchen. I think I’ll post my menu on it (so I don’t leave anything in the refrigerator like I’ve done before!)

  9. Beautiful table setting…and I especially like the blackboard with your menu!! Happy Thanksgiving!

  10. Absolutely perfect….just a joy-filled table!

    Happy Thanksgiving.


  11. Your table is so “light” and pretty…I love all the different textures and contrasts–from the pool basket to the bittersweet twigs, to the mercury glass. Happy Thanksgiving!!

  12. Fun mix of colors and pieces! Thanks for linking up to The Talent Scouting Party at WhisperWood Cottage!

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