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The Best Inexpensive Area Rugs and How to Get The Bumps & Creases Out

Best Inexpensive Area Rugs, Log Home Living Room

Today I’m going to share with you where I purchase inexpensive area rugs and how I get those darn creases, humps and bumps out. The reason they have so many is the packaging method the shipper uses. They come rolled up and folder over like you see in the photo with the rug still in the green bag.

By the way did you happen to notice I have a helper. Just so you know; worst helper every!!! It’s my sons new pup that I watch while they’re at work and he spent more time chasing the wrapper and impeding me unrolling the rug than anything, but I love him.

Area Rug Unwrap

About once a year I order a new area rug for our living room. I like to keep the cost right around $100 so I don’t feel bad about giving it the old heave ho when it’s dirty and worn down. Another good use for the old ones are to line the garage floor under the car with them. The old rug collects a lot of road dust and makes it easier to keep a clean garage floor.

Best Inexpensive Area Rugs, Log Home Living Room

My favorite rug shops are rugs.com and wellwovenrugs.com. You can find nice room size rugs all day long for $100 and shipping is free. For that cost I’m not going to bother trying to have it cleaned. We don’t take off our shoes in our home, so if it gets dirty so be it. I do vacuum it everyday so that helps keep it looking nice much longer than no cleaning routine at all.

Best Inexpensive Area Rugs, Log Home Living Room

I’ve found with normal every day traffic they last about 12-18 months. I noticed I replace mine this time with the exact same one I had last time but in a darker shade of gray. I didn’t even notice it until I starting getting the photos around to do this post.

Best Inexpensive Area Rugs and How to Remove the Bumps and Creases

So here’s what I do to get it to lay flat. Roll it out to it’s desired location, add the furniture back on top of it, and let it breath. That’s all there is to it. Give it 5 days of rest and it will be flat; I assure you. Now if you don’t have the patience to wait the five day’s you’ll have to either steam out the wrinkles or heat up a cast iron pan and run it along the creases. I did absolutely nothing to mine and the creases resolve themselves in no time and I’m happy with a fresh clean rug again.

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  1. Hi Dawn. Thanks for the heads up on inexpensive rugs. I need something for my living room since we removed our carpet and put down bamboo flooring. My question for you…do you use a mat? If yes, what is your recommendation for that?

    1. Karen, I do not use a mat. None of the rugs have damaged my wood flooring underneath and I don’t have trouble with them slipping so I’ve always skipped the mat.

  2. Cheryl Major says:

    Good Morning Dawn ,…thanks for the tips. It is hard to find inexpensive rugs.
    You have a cute helper for sure.
    Take care.

    1. Cheryl, yes it is. I’ve purchased several rugs from Rugs.com and have been happy with them all. My DIL has also and so far there’s been no disappointment.

  3. I don’t “do” rugs or carpet, but I sure do love that Pooch!!

    1. Lisa, I didn’t do rugs for a long time in our cabin but over the years I like the look, it helps break up all the wood we have. I’d never have carpet at all possible it’s such a dust collector. Yes! we love the cute pup!

  4. Super informative blog post! I bought a pricey rug from a local store over a year ago and have been sooo careful about keeping it in good condition, but I’m tempted to buy a more inexpensive rug so I don’t have to worry about it as much. I typically shake the rug outdoors every two weeks and get it cleaned by a professional rug cleaner every so often. You mention that you vacuum your rug every day, and I think I should start doing that too since we have pets and kids. Do you have any vacuum cleaner recommendations that work well on rugs?

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