The Cows are Comin’ Home

My new cows!!
 I have wanted this print forever and have never ran across a place to purchase it from until about 2 weeks ago.
Antique Farm House had it for sale.  I didn’t even hesitate to look at the price, I just added them cows to my basket.
 For now I will use them on my mantel as my Fall decor.
They fit great in our home, so I’m sure they will move around from time to time.
How do you like my new herd?? 
There the best kind to have, no care required.

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  1. They are beautiful. What lovely faces and all the colours I love.

  2. I was eyeing that same piece of artwork myself! I’ve seen it online and also saw it at a local shop. So of course, now after seeing it in your home, I’m kicking myself that I didn’t grab it when I had the chance. Love it!

  3. They will be moooooooving around,but they look fantastic on the mantel.I love them,I do believe we had a milk cow named Bessie,that looked just like the one on the right,seriously!!!

  4. Oh my!!! I almost got this print, but where I wanted it, it wouldn’t fit! I fell in love with the print right away when I saw it!! It looks great where you have it. That’s funny, great taste we have huh?

  5. Your herd is colorful and very handsome! The print looks great on your shelf! Love it with the yellow toolbox. It really makes the colors in the print pop!!!! That would have been in my shopping basket too!

  6. Don’t you love purchases like this? Absolutely no doubt and pure joy. :o) It is perfect in your home that’s for sure…

  7. Love the cows!

    Just found your blog & I’ve been enjoying your archives. I’d love to hear more about how you planned to keep the deer from eating your trees!

  8. Love your cows. They get a big moooooo from me. Sorry I couldn’t resist. 🙂

  9. Love the cows print!! It looks great on your mantel. The colors of the print look awesome with the painted toolbox and the flowers in your tin bucket.
    Have a great week.

  10. I love your herd! I’ve had that painting pinned for a couple weeks.. and was dying to know where it came from. I have a crazy idea that I may take some calf pics when we work cows on Monday.. photoshop the best shot to look handpainted.. and do one of those DIY canvas thingies. Ha! I’m such a dreamer! But, hey it’s a good idea nonetheless. I just never seem to get around to all those good ideas.
    I do adore your new Cow painting and the vignette is perfect 🙂 You always inspire me!! -Tammy

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