Thrifted Amber Jug

Did a little thrifting this week with my cousin that just moved back to town.  He was needing to furnish his new apartment and I just couldn’t resist picking up a few items myself.
Here is the gallon size amber jug I purchased.  I have no idea what I will use it for but it spoke to me, so I made it mine.
 I really like the color it has with the light streaming through the jug.
The lid says that it is Milk, but I think not.  I have never seen the milk man deliver milk in an amber jug.
I normally see these types of jugs with 3 big XXX on them and we all know that doesn’t mean milk.  
No matter what it’s original use was, I still love the character is has.
 I did pick up other items on that trip and will show you those later in the week.
 Anyone have any idea what really did come in the jug?

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  1. Great find Dawn! I love Amber glass!!!!!

  2. Looks like a large syrup jug perhaps. We have some large jugs without the finger ring and they are old Clorox bottles but they are different then this one.

  3. I love big bottles like this and the color is great. Perfect for this time of year. I hope you had a good weekend and enjoyed the cooler temps!

  4. Hmmm, cider maybe? Regardless, that amber color is perfect for fall!

  5. I seem to remember my aunt having one like this when I was young. It had syrup in it.

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