Thrifted King Quilt

I mentioned earlier in the week that I would be back with my other thrifted item, and here it is.
 A king size quilted bed spread in perfect condition.  I only paid $30 dollars for it.  (Jumping for joy right now.)
 I believe it’s brand new, there’s not a spot on it or any wear.  It even still has that new smell.
I can’t wait to give it a run through the washer and put it to good use.
 I just love to thrift, when I find such treasures.

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  1. Very pretty, Dawn. A great deal for a king too. I found a vintage grey wool blanket this week at the thrift store. Washed it and now airing it out.

  2. WOW!!! A steal for sure! It is beautiful!!!
    Hey, he got the job!!!
    XO Kris

  3. Well I’d be doing the happy dance over this one too Dawn, its a beautiful find. Are you going to use it on your bed or hang it somewhere?

  4. Splendid find Dawn. Thrifting is so worth the effort. I had a great thrifting day on Saturday which I needed since I have been sick. hugs, Olive

  5. Oh my goodness, gracious (sorry, I’ve now started using my MawMaw’s phrases….lol!), you should be jumping for joy! That is incredibly gorgeous & can’t believe what you paid! You are lucky!


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