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Thrifted Master Bedroom


I’m going to show you the most neglected room in our home when it comes to decorating. I guess it is always last on the list of rooms to decorate because no one sees it but hubby and I. The master bedroom is in the loft and it’s a huge space, 20X30, there’s space enough for our king size bed, a sitting area and an eating area. Now if I could just get some servants to bring breakfast to my room. Ah, wishful thinking…..


I noticed while changing the sheets today that the room is mostly thrifted or handed down; all but the bed. 


Loft Bedroom in a Log Home

A king sized bed is a must because I take up 3/4 of it, so hubby says, and there’s always a cat and a dog in our bed also. One thing I hate about animals sleeping with us is the pet hair, so I don’t want to spend a fortune on pretty bedding just to have muddy paw print and hair all over it. 


Bedroom in a Log Home

We have a wonderful Hospice thrift store about 20 miles from me and it’s where I found the quilt in bedspread size, I so hate a quilt that just perches on top of the bed. I couldn’t believe it was brand new with the tags still on it….I picked it up, and scanned it over thinking there had to be a stain or a tear somewhere but lucky me it was in perfect condition and only $30. Jackpot!!! A quilt of this size is easily a $200 piece.


The curtains are from Ikea, just a $20 sheer in the Matilda pattern, I was anxious to get them up when I got home until it hit me I had only bought one pair and have two windows to cover. Well I wasn’t heading back to Ikea it is a 3 hour trip one way from my house, so I made do by draping one panel on each window, and I actually like it better than two panels hanging down straight. I can’t believe I made a mistake that I actually like.


Cat on a Bed

I snatched up the vintage chenille throw at a garage sale, the lady had 2 that were identical in twin size still in the original package that she had never opened. She had no price on them and I hesitated asking thinking she would want a fortune for them, but my friend talked me into asking and I’m so glad I did, she only wanted $5 each so I squealed with delight and kindly paid up. For a time I had 2 twin beds in our guest room and used them on those beds, but now that so many kids live with us we moved the beds to the bunk house and my guest room was turned into the office.



I am happy with the thrifted look and it suits my taste just fine. Sometimes I enjoy the cheaper items better anyway and don’t look at the decor and cringe when I remember the price.




Decorate a Master Bedroom with Thrifted Items




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  1. Looks great Dawn – I think the cost or the place you bought it don’t matter as long as YOU love them…We have a cat that sleeps with us as well…the pet hair is a small sacrifice for all the snuggles he gives us – your cat is a cutie!

    1. Cheryl, I agree I love the look no matter the price. Yes our cat sleeps with us, she is 16 years old now and thinks she is a person.

  2. Looks lovely Dawn, and if you hadn’t mentioned the thrift store or garage sale items I would never have known.
    Our cat Shadow is always on the bed too, she seems to like my legs and sleeps there.

    1. Linda, our cat sleeps on my pillow or on my head, I think she is trying to keep warm with age she has lost 1/2 her body weight.

  3. Very comfy looking and kitty sure loves it.

    1. Thank you Kim, that cat thinks the bed is her throne.

  4. Absolutely lovely…and I would kill to have a master bedroom that size!!! I am just the opposite though….our master bedroom has to look and feel as comfy as the rest of the house. (btw….yours is totally awesome….proof you don’t have to spend a fortune for great looks & comfort).

    So…my next home will have a huge master bedroom….and a porch….and so on and so on. We’ve been in our home for 26 years…and are empty nesters.

    1. Charlotte, I do love our porch also. It’s funny we have all that space and do nothing but sleep in there. I thought we may use the sitting area from time to time but so far we never have. At some point we will move out of the loft and into the 2nd master bedroom we have on the main floor, and our loft master bedroom will make a great guest spot they will have there own space.

    1. Thank you Martina I love having all that space.

  5. What a charming “neglected” room!! I began my blog last year, not as a business, but to spur me on to finally finishing the master bedroom. I’d gotten a beautiful chest of drawers for Christmas (we’d used my hubby’s baby chest of drawers for years and years!). Recently I posted about how little I’d accomplished in there this year but when I looked at my photos, I thought the room looked cozy and like home, to me that is. And that’s what counts. Oh, and when I make the bed I always have to use a lint roller for the cat hair!!

    1. Barbara, I had never thought of a lint roller 🙂 Thanks so much for stopping in.

  6. Good morning Dawn. Your room is such a comfortable and tranquil looking space. I love it. We too have dogs that sleep on our bed! So I have an old comforter…actually, it is one I brought home with me from where we got Dusty. Dusty was Greg’s cousins dog. And that comforter goes over the bed each night. I then can wash that every couple of days or so, and the bedding stays fairly dog hair free. It works for this fuss budget, anyway.
    Love the thrifted pieces you have in your bedroom retreat!
    xo Kris

    1. Kris, I do the same but I use old sheets or drop cloths I have a weeks worth of them and wash them all in one load every Sunday. It is unbelievable how much hair a pet creates.

  7. Just luvly. If you luv it, makes no difference where it came from. At least that’s my motto.

    1. Gee, I agree with you and I do like the simple white look.

  8. Your bedding and your bedroom look so pretty and peaceful! What a bonus that you decorated it at a bargain 😉

    1. Susan, I think I like the thrifted look better than anything I have purchased in the store.

  9. I’m jealous of your bedroom’s size, Dawn! The bed hasn’t arrived yet but we’re ready and waiting. Everything has been cleared out of the way. Wish us luck!


    1. Claudia, I sure hope they get through with all this snow.

  10. Your bedroom looks great Dawn. I agree about things that seem to be a mistake often turning out to be even better than you planned in the first place! xx

    1. Amy, I love it when that happens and it seldom happens to me 🙂

  11. Dawn,
    It looks so great all your thrift redo in the bedroom. I am with you when you have pets that sleep in the bed with you it is a must to have washable easy stuff for bedding. You scored great on the bedding. Your bedroom should be a sanctuary to go to at the end of a long day for peace and rest and yours fits the bill. Great job.

    1. Kris, I normally have a drop cloth on my bed to catch all the pet fur but that’s not to attractive for photos. LOL

  12. Hi Dawndie! 🙂 I don’t guess I’ve ever seen your bedroom. What a lovely space and so big. Your entire home seems to be filled with light and I love it. What great bargains and pretty ones too for your bed. Your little kitty seems to enjoy the comfy bed too! 🙂 Our little mini Schnauzer shares our bed too, she doesn’t shed but she thinks the entire bed is hers! 🙂 Thanks for being my blog friend and popping in to see me.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia 😉

    1. Shelia, I know what you mean about the dog taking up all the bed. The cat thinks my pillow and my head are the place to sleep and the dog is at my feet. Hubby and I have to fight for a small portion for ourselves.

  13. Dawn, your bedroom looks so peaceful and cozy. I love the light, airy, fresh feeling. I live in a small log cabin that my husband and I built and have considered going with lighter colored bedding. I haven’t because our Boston Terrier gets on the bed. Now I’m inspired to give it a try, especially with spring around the corner! I love it.
    Adina @ Simply Country Life

    1. Adina, I always have an old sheet over our bedding to collect the dog and cat hair. It sure saves on a quilt for sure. When we built our house I knew I didn’t want the lodge feel, I still like bright colors so I mix it up. Glad to have a fellow cabin liver following.

  14. Pat Kichinko says:

    I love your room! It looks so comfy and cozy – just the way a bed should be. And, the cat is perfect. Or should I say purrfect. We have eight cats. When it gets cold, I often wake up totally surrounded by sleeping felines. And, I love it!

    1. Pat, wow 8 cats. My cat hates other animals so she is our only cat. The dog just has to put up with her.

  15. Using what you love is all that matters.

  16. I think it looks great ! I love the relaxed country/prairie chic look. You did a nice job putting it all together.

    1. Thank you Kristen, nothing better than getting a new look on the cheap 🙂

  17. You’ve done a great job of making a large space seem cozy. Everything looks so pretty and comfy. Kitty has the right idea!


    1. Thank you Jeanette, I need to take some tips from you 🙂

    1. Thank you Dru 🙂 It feels good to have a whites space right now, winters in Michigan = no sunlight.

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