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Thrifted Painting Frame Update

Do you remember this painting from my Thrifty Finds.  
I mentioned that the frame didn’t really WOW me.
Well today I finally got around to giving it a face lift.
 I felt like it blended into my log walls to much, and it needed a color to make it pop.
 I went to my paint stash and picked the color “Country Grey”.
 Still not sure I’m loving it, but it is better than the wood tone.
 I really like the painting so I think I will have to find it a permanent home.
All the colors fit with my decor, and it just makes me feel cheery when I look at it.
Do you like the painted version better?Linking up with
Savvy Southern Style 


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  1. Yes! I like the painted version a lot better. It really does look better in the lighter colored frame. Good job!

  2. Oh, I think it looks wonderful & definitely cheery. Can’t wait to see your living room update — you’re such a tease!

  3. Dawn- It looks absolutely wonderful. So…much…..better. It really freshens it up. Nice job- xo Diana

  4. Dawn
    I definitely like the painted frame best.
    You’re right, the wood didn’t have enough contrast.
    What a sweet painting too!

  5. I love the painted frame – you did a great job ! Do you have any of the ASCP in that pretty blue color? You could add a few streaks of that……

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