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Jumbo Garden Grow Bags From Dollar Tree

Have you been to the Dollar Tree lately? I seldom go in but I was in a mood the other day and I decided to go in and go up and down every isle and really look at what they had to offer. To my surprise they had these JUMBO GARDEN BAGS, that the staff was stocking as I shopped. Of course I bought all they had and decided to use them for growing my sweet potatoes this year.

Jumbo Garden Grow Bag

Here are the bags I found at Dollar Tree. They only had 8 in the store so I chose to order more online and I was happy when they arrived in 3 days. These bags are huge 30″X24″. I can’t wait to add my plants to these this year! CLICK ON THE PHOTO, and it will take you to the link to place an order.

Jumbo Garden Grow Bags From Dollar Tree

I knew I wanted to add more raised beds to my garden this year so I rummaged through hubby’s lumber stash and found enough to make one new bed. I didn’t have to cut any lumber so I was happy with that. I still thought it wasn’t enough growing space and happening on these bags was the perfect solution.

Jumbo Garden Grow Bags From Dollar Tree

I grow enough veggies in my garden to last my family until the next years harvest. I dehydrate, can, and freeze everything we don’t eat during the season. Two things I’ve never grow are potatoes and sweet potatoes. I’ve decided to this them to this years garden, hence; needed the extra grow space.

Jumbo Garden Grow Bags From Dollar Tree

I places a layer of cardboard under the grow bags, the same way I do all the raised garden beds, before loading them with dirt. This way it smothers out the weeds and grass and keeps it looking a little tidier.

Jumbo Garden Grow Bags From Dollar Tree

My garden is strictly for function and food production, it’s not very pretty but it works. I’ve eliminated some of my flower beds this year and have turned them into veggies as well. So don’t delay head to the Dollar Tree and grab these before they’re gone.

TIP: Years ago I used this same method to grow my entire garden and had great success. If you have those large blue IKEA bags you can plant in those. Cardboard boxes work and so do those 12X12 fabric storage cubes you can find most anywhere. I’ve also used those blue plastic kiddie pools too. Just make sure and drill holes in the bottom for drainage so you don’t drown you plants. I hope you get some great ideas for growing your own garden. Now get creative and start planting!

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