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  1. Love the pyrex…love the yellow metal the old pulley!! Love it! Good shoppah!!!

  2. What lovely finds! I laugh at myself about the old pyrex – I turned my nose up at my mom’s offer of lots of hers when I first moved out on my own … so it went to a thrift shop. Now I’d love to find it again 🙂 The colors are so cheerful, and it’s such useful stuff!


  3. You got some great stuff! What an amazing find to come across three such great pieces of Pyrex! The yellow container is so bright and cheerful and really looks great displayed with the blue canning jar.

    Can’t wait to see what creative idea you have for the pulley!

  4. I adore pyrex. I don’t have many colored pieces but I have some nice vintage clear pieces. Great finds…glad you had a good time!

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