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Tin Can Christmas Trees


Recycled Tin Cain Christmas Tree

These recycled tin cans make the perfect pot for mini Christmas trees. I have an obsession for boxes and nice tin cans, lol. Yes I said that; I’m just like my Grandpa if I find a nice box I just can’t give it up and that’s exactly how I felt about these cans that Cold Brew coffee comes in. I had no idea what I’d do with them but I kept 3 just in case a brilliant idea was born.

If you follow me on Instagram you know I’ve been procrastinating when it comes to Christmas decorating. I remember back in the day when I couldn’t wait to get started. I’d force myself to wait until after Thanksgiving but I always looked forward to and enjoyed the whole process.  Well not any more; this year I just couldn’t get in the mood no matter how many pretty pictures I scrolled through on Instagram; and believe me there’s plenty of them.

Christmas Kitchen, Log Home Christmas Kitchen, Wreathes on Chairs, Wide Plank Wood Floors, Concrete Countertop, Green Painted Island, Farmhouse Style

The Sunday after thanksgiving I finally gave in, gave myself an attitude adjustment and had hubby help me haul everything up from the basement. If you missed my post on how I organize my ornaments you’ll want to read that (HERE). So there the stuff sat in the middle of the dining room staring at me waiting to be un-toted and for me to come up with this years decorating game plan.

I knew I didn’t need all the decorations I had and some of them I no longer use so before I even started decorating I decided to pair down the things I have. I knew I only wanted to keep things that I really love, that are neutral in color, and are natural. So the purge began and I was able to donate over half of the stuff. Now I felt like I could tackle this years Christmas decorating.

Farmhouse Christmas Decor, Natural Christmas Decor, Tin Can Christmas Decor, Snow Globe, Black Concrete Countertops, Reindeer Votive, Log Home

Going for a simple natural look I used all my faux mini trees and scattered them around the main floor. If there was basket, crock, soup mug, galvanized bucket, or tin can hanging around I plopped a tree in it. This is when that brilliant idea formed, I grabbed the Cold Brew coffee cans and a can of matte black spray paint and went to work. After a quick coat of paint it seemed fitting to add a tree to them and then I created a few vignettes around the cabin adding pinecones, deer antler, a few ornaments, candles, and my favorite snow globe.

Tin Can Christmas Trees

I put up a faux tree added small wreathes to the back of the island chairs and was finished. The whole process took less than 20 minutes and I’m happy with the results, (more photos to follow). If you can believe this I didn’t even swap out a pillow. I know right? I must have fallen and bumped my head for sure because that is so not like me. I just wanted it simple this year and that’s exactly what I did. It won’t take me long to take it all down either. It’s very freeing to just be me, no keeping up with the Jones or feeling obligated to go all out. Now I may have a different tune next year but for this year I’m keeping it simple. And guess what? I didn’t buy one thing to decorate with. I repurposed everything and used it in different ways this year.

Tin Can Christmas Tree Craft, Upcycle Recycle Project

So three tin cans and a can of spray paint is all you’ll need to create these rustic farmhouse tree planters. The best part is I won’t have to store them either I can add them to the recycle bin and make new if I need to next year. That’s a win in my book!

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  1. I love your tin can trees.

    I’m on the hunt for mini faux Christmas trees, but those that are left are so fake looking

  2. Love the trees idea, Dawn! Love the KISS (keep it simple, sweetie!) idea better. Happy Thanksgiving!

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